Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Childhood Memories

After talking with a friend tonight, I started to think about my childhood memories and something my mom had us do. When we were real young, on Christmas Eve we prayed in front of the manger before going to bed. Yes that’s us in the picture, my brother, sister and the youngest is me. The manger would be setup except baby Jesus wouldn’t be in the crib. Every year, one of us got to put baby Jesus in his crib on Christmas morning, and I remember how excited I was to be able to tuck him in tight. It’s amazing what an impact a small childhood memory has on me as an adult, and sometimes, how I wish I was that little girl again praying in front of the manger with my brother and sister hoping God will give me all the presents I asked for.

Another memory is opening our socks on Christmas day. We might have had several toys, but taking the things out of my Christmas sock was my favorite. Even now, I still enjoy the little things that are buried in my Christmas sock, so when I get an early gift or cards I put them in my sock for Christmas morning.

If you happen to stop on by, please leave us with one of your childhood memories. Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you. A special prayer goes out to the armed forces, who are away from their families.


  1. I remember our tabletop silver tree, and being mesmerized by it each year. That was another era. I think a little bit of childhood does return to us each Christmas, at some quiet moment. Hope you find some of your childhood this Christmas!

  2. Joanne, Thanks for posting one of your childhood memories. If anything, I'll just act like a child. :)

  3. Well, phooey, I'll have to get back to you on that one, Bea. : )

    But a special Christmas blessing to all those who serve and protect and heal so that we may have a peaceful and safe holiday.

  4. We had a tabletop silver tree too because we couldn't afford a real tree. I remember going to midnight mass with my Mother every Christmas Eve only because sitting at home waiting for her to return so we could open gifts was too much to handle. My Mother always seemed to drag it out and talk to everyone and we'd arrive home around 1:45 a.m. and open gifts. By the time we got to bed it would be 3:30 a.m...later if we wanted to play with what we got.

    Merry Christmas Bea!

    Elizabeth Cronin

  5. Kimmi, nice Christmas blessing.

    Elizabeth, It's so good to hear from you my friend. I hope Connor's first Christmas is awesome and that he collects many Christmas childhood memories.

    Merry Christmas, Elizabeth and Family! :D

  6. A little late but since you asked... ;)

    In my childhood we would go to church on the afternoon of Christmas Eve after visiting my grandparents. By the time we'd come back it was dark outside, the door to the livingroom locked. The lights on the Christmas Tree would be shining through the milky glass door and our hearts would be beating fast with excitement. Then a small bell would chime announcing it was time to open the door. We'd tiptoe inside, see the tree and its lights for the first time, its smell filling the air in the room, the presents underneath it waiting for us to be opened. hmmm....thinking back still sends a shiver through my spine :)