Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Traits and Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over we look forward to 2008 coming to a close and beginning a fresh new year. Since I’m an over thinker, 2009 has me thinking about character traits I should attempt to change and setting resolutions. To me, it’s important to realize your character strengths and weaknesses whether it’s what you hear from others or what you’ve learned on your own and try and change to become a better person. Realistic resolutions are also important for me, so I know I have a goal something to strive for each year. I chose the inspirational poster for ‘Perseverance’ because it's the one word that has helped me achieve past goals.

I’m going to reveal some of the soul searching I’ve done and resolutions I plan to set. Based on what I’ve heard through the years, here are a few words that family, friends, and others used to describe me. Strengths: generous and funny. Weaknesses: introvert and intimidating.

How will I change my weaknesses? I will make an attempt to go out more and visit family and friends. As for intimidating, no one has really been able to explain what I do that’s intimidating, so it’s difficult for me to work on this one when I don’t see it and can’t find guidance.

Realistic Resolutions:

1) I WILL lose the weight I put on after I quit smoking. This is really something that’s been bothering me, and a week or two into the New Years will make me a 9-month non-smoker. Enough!
2) I’m happy being single, but it seems those around me or those I talk to are bothered by the single status and don’t believe someone can be single and happy. In an attempt to make them happy for one last time, IF I am asked out on dates this year, I’ll go on them.

Anyone else want to step forward and declare a resolution?


  1. I try to set goals through out the year--all year. This works best for me and seems to give me the results I need and or want.

    I don't think you are intimidating, just passionate which I feel is a very good quality!

    I hope you reach all your goals and achieve much success. : D Shall I have Billy Bob call from the bait house and ask you out?! ; )

  2. Passionate. I'm going with that one. :D

    Thanks, Kimmi. LOL! Um... I have some standards, Kimmi. Besides, I think Billy Bob would feel out of place outside the bait house.

  3. I've heard intimidating as well, and I've never been able to figure it out about myself. I'm hoping I can go with Kimmi's "passionate" as well! Best of luck to you in the New Year's. I'll be hopping on the diet train as well as I endeavor to return to my wedding weight.

  4. Hey Rachel, I guess you're my long lost 'passionate' sister. :)

    Happy New Year's to you too. May the New Year keep you safe, healthy and happy.

  5. I did a recent blog post on "owning it," embracing our personal and professional decisions. I think I'd like to keep that my resolution throughout the new year, owning, without doubt, my decisions. Letting myself be me. I'm with Kimmi, in that I do this often through ongoing lists and itineraries where I can moderate things! Maybe your "intimidation" is a form of "owning it," in that you are who you are and don't compromise your decisions?

  6. Hi Joanne, Ah the whole ‘owning it’ is a huge thing and one many refuse to do. I’m very much an ‘own it’ type personality and will take responsibility for decisions I’ve made good or bad. I realize you’re talking about ‘owning it’ as being you, but this post came at a time where I’m dealing with personalities unwilling to ‘own it’. I wish you much luck with your resolutions.

    You’re right about your description of ‘owning it’. I am who I am, never been one to dislike or like someone because others do. I won’t compromise my integrity.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. I hope your holidays and New Year brings you health and happiness.

  7. Sounds like you are on another journey of self discovery, and I feel we are always at every step and experience of the way. This awareness about ourselfs is always so exhilarating. I don't believe in New Years resolutions, but I feel there is always change in each experience, regardless of the year. Though I do feel sometimes I wonder back, more than I wonder inward, but I still find this experience as valuable as when I gain a new wave of transition and energy. Currently I feel more creatively energetic and know that I am moving much more into alligment with creative projects, such as drawing and writing. I am making use of them, which is something I have been putting aside for a while. Other forms of methods for energy usage will also grow out of this in time. Enjoy whatever you do, no matter the outcome.

  8. Hi Ana, You're wonderful for reading my blog, and as soon as I catch up on my things I'll be diving into yours. Thank you very kindly.

    Self-discovery is great, but the best is seeing the change go from negative to positive. Some days I do good and others, not so, yet I see a positive difference in myself. This is very rewarding to me.