Friday, January 16, 2009


As children and teens, we all had our dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. Well, we’re grown up, and many of us didn’t become our dream until now. Here’s your chance to live out your dream. Did you want to be an astronaut? You got it you’re an astronaut floating in space looking at gray shades of earth. Did you want to be a doctor? You got it you’re a doctor performing your 100th open heart surgery. The sky is the limit.

For me, when I grew up I wanted to be a rockstar. I had my first recording at the age of three singing The 59th Street Bridge by Simon and Garfunkel, and it continued on. Our living room, rec room and bedroom was my stage as the music played and I sang with my favorite singer. When I was 16-years old, I sang with a band a few times at summer fests. I think I love music and singing so much because I connect and feel the words so deep. It’s an escape and a way for me to imagine another place or time.

Now, I’m backstage listening to the crowd, my fans, chant my name. The noise is thick, and I have to take a deep breath before making my way out onto the stage. I can see hands flying around, fans screaming my name, and at the moment I know I’m home. Taking a step forward, I place my hands on the cold metal and feel the microphone just inches away. All the band members stare out into the crowd and then the rhythm begins as the crowd settles down until silence awaits my performance. I sing Dreams by The Cranberries to my fans as they get drunk on the words. The concert lasts for hours at which time I play my closing song, Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. When I finish, I blow a kiss to the audience and yell, “Thank you. Don’t forget who loves you."

So what are you going to be now that you're grown up?


  1. I'm actually doing it. Writing, more and more as time goes by, making it the central part of my life in any way possible. Trying to live my "choice" life is what I'm trying to do.

  2. Excellent, Joanne! I always thought people who always knew what they wanted to do in life and accomplished it were lucky people. I wish you the best with your writing. :D

  3. Hi Bea,

    Great piece.

    For me it has always been writing music and lyrics. My dream is I convince my young relative that has a hard rock band to try some of the songs I wrote. My songs make people hum as opposed to his which for some are hard to follow and you can’t make out some of the words. The songs get published and are a big success as they are seen as innovative, but really sound like songs from the past. Burt Bacharach calls and says I’ve been waiting for a long time since I stopped writing for someone to take over. You finally did it.

    I’m ecstatic.

  4. Hi Veejay,

    Thank you. That sounds great, and maybe I’d be one to sing a song you wrote. When I win my AMA award for your written lyrics, I’d thank you for giving me the opportunity to sing it. :D I appreciate you stopping by.

  5. heh, I'm NOT growing up and you can't make me!! *stomps feet* neerer, neerer! =)

  6. Kimmi, you haven't grown up. LOL! *sticks tongue out*