Friday, January 9, 2009

Rod Blagojevich upset over misspelling of his name

Today in Illinois, Rod Blagojevich was upset over the misspelling of his name on the impeachment slip. He felt at least one person out of the 114 votes to impeach him should have known how to spell it.

When confronted about the allegations against him, Rod turned to the cameras and said, “I’m innocent, I tell you. I will fight for my innocence as I sit in the jail cell next to George Ryan.”

The House committee wants to clean up the corruption in Illinois politics, along with finding some politicians with a better fashion sense. Behind the scenes, Rod had always been known as ‘Helmet Head’ to his staff, and rumor has it that in the recorded phone tapings, you can hear his wife, Patricia saying, “Quit whining and try my f***ing salon.” Rod accused the House impeachment process for ganging up on him because he has more hair than all of them put together. The committee and his political party denied this allegation.

According to prior records, Rod was going to sell the senate seat for $150,000 to Pete Rose, but shortly after agreement, Pete declined after realizing it wasn’t for admission into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I received a call from the FBI regarding today’s blog entry, and I confessed that all of these statements are false; I just wanted to keep up with the Illinois political lies.

Hope you had a few laughs. Have a great weekend!


  1. I did laugh. You had me going there for a minute!

  2. I'm glad you laughed, Joanne. I thought I'd try a headline out like The Onion, and seeing that Illinois has dealt with many political embarrassments, I picked Rod.

    I appreciate you stopping by.