Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What would you do?

I've watched the ABC show What would you do? and find it interesting how people react to situations, along with the different responses and reaction from/to the genders.

Here are some of my “What would you do?” questions.

1) After many years, you finally meet someone and fall in love. S/he takes your breath away and you find yourself thinking about them when apart. Even when you’re not in the same room with them, you feel comfort in knowing they're not far away. One night, your lover gets into a fight wit
h your best friend, a friend who has been with you for years. Both attack the others character and both declare they never want to see the other one again. Your lover tells you to break all ties with your best friend. What would you do?

2) You just find out your first born a seven year old isn’t your child. After you delivered, they accidentally swapped babies. What would you do?


  1. Hi Bea!
    Even after sleeping over your questions for a night I’m not much wiser, and I doubt I’ll ever be…so here are my answers:

    1) I’d be dissapointed by both. Asking me to break ties with my best friend might backfire and would cause me to seriously evaluate the trust I have in my new lover. I have no idea what the outcome would be in the end.

    2)I’d want my own child, but I’d also want to keep a close relationship to the child I considered my own for years. (this is he short version of my answer, after deleting about 500 words to justify why I would want both kids to suffer the traumatic experience this would cause) *sighs*

  2. Hi Jakie,

    They are difficult questions. The show usually has situations where there's a right thing to do. My questions were more serious because I like hearing people's responses, especially seeing if there is a difference based on gender.

    Thank you for responding, I think you'll be the only person wanting to tackle these difficult questions. ;)

    Take care, sweets.

  3. These questions are hard!

    1) I'm not sure. I'd wonder if this lover is all I thought he was that he'd ask me to give up my best friend. But still. I don't know!

    2) Wow. I'm not a parent so I don't know how I'd react to discovering my child wasn't mine. I don't think after seen years I'd want to give him/her up though.

  4. I know, I know. Thanks for stopping by. I guess I should state what I would do.

    1) As much as I might be enthralled with my lover and thinking about my entire future with him, I couldn't and wouldn't give up my friends. That's just me. My friends are important to me, and for anyone to ask is someone who doesn't know me.

    2) I'm not a parent either, but I think I couldn't give up the child I had been raising along with looking for my biological child. I'd take a chance on how the other parents would react, because I would want to know that my real child is safe and happy.

    *wipes forehead* These are tough.

  5. Hi Bea,

    Interesting questions.

    I would do the following:

    1) I would talk to my lover and say this sounds like it was just a bad scene that got out of hand. Knowing my lover and my friend this was just out of character for both. I would get all the details from my lover to learn what happened from her side and I would tell my lover I need to talk to my friend to evaluate his/her side. I would say to my lover this is a must since friendship is all too important. It seems like just one bad event occurred that might be salvaged. Then if appropriate I would try to negotiate peace between them. If this did not work I would tell my lover that I still would see my friend, but any derogatory discussions about my lover would be off limits. If my lover still refused to let me see my friend I would say to her that conditions imposed on me are unfair and that true love needs to be unconditional. I would then have to accept if my lover would continue to see me or not. I’d hope for the best, but if not perhaps I would be better off.

    2) That child that I raised for seven years will always be my child no matter what. I would seek contact with my other child’s (foster?) parents to learn as much about them and the child as possible. To say the least this is a very delicate situation and neither child must be hurt. I would discuss with them the need for a slow careful process of all parties getting to know each other. I would hope that when the time is right the children be told. They must be told. I would want this to be gradually done over the next three years. I would assume the court would become involved and would listen to the fact that separation of the children to their rightful families is not the answer. A blending of the families over time is what I would want. Hopefully there would be weekly get togethers. These would be my major goals or plans.

    Additionally both families could share the proceeds of a major lawsuit towards each child’s college education. (Just joking.)

  6. Welcome, Veejay!

    Yes they are tough, but there isn't a right or wrong answer. I commend you for really thinking it through. Very nice and thanks for stopping by and sharing.


  7. This is the game my daughter plays almost daily at the dinner table:

    "Okay. You're flying on an airplane and it's about to crash. Would you bust a window and jump out, hoping you could still live, or would you stay strapped in your seat?"

    LOL You're version, however, is a liiiitle more tricky... but I'll give it a shot.

    1.) I have had the same best friends since I was in kindergarten. So... yeah, I think I'd have to tell the guy to take a hike. I put a lot of stock in my friends' opinions; they've been with me through thick and thin. Bea, I'm very similar to you regarding my friends. They are like sisters to me and I am extremely loyal to my family. :)

    2.) Yeesh. This one is not so easy. I would tend to think I'd want to keep the child I'd been raising, but what happens if I go to meet my biological child and they looked exactly like me or my husband, or someone else in the family? It would be too hard to walk away, knowing there's this little person who has my DNA inside them... I don't know... Can I raise both? ;)

    Mud Dauber :)

  8. Hey Mud! Tell your daughter I would stay strapped in my seat with the thought that I’d have a much better chance of survival staying in my seat, bobbing in the water than jumping out a plane. And your daughter sounds like fun.

    As for the second question, yes you can keep them both if the other parents let you. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.