Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Way to the Chicago 2016 Olympics!

It’s bad enough our State falls under ridicule regarding our political parties and their corrupt customs, but it’s inexcusable for our Mayor to make a decision on his own regarding the 2016 Olympics. He signed a contract making the city take full financial responsibility should anything happen, such as cost increases or a disastrous situation. This leaves the Chicago taxpayers vulnerable to a debt that we were never given a choice to vote on. Mayor Daley and the Olympic Committee claim they’re taking insurance policies out to cover additional costs. I’d like to know who is selling them the insurance policies?

Our State can’t even balance the State Budget because there's no money, which impacts the City of Chicago yet the “
mayor is still counting on the private sector to shoulder the lion's share of the cost though already there is some public-sector participation planned.” Counting on? He’s banking on an assumption and a want during an economic crisis without taking into account city taxpayers. We already have the highest sales tax in the country. We top the highest gas prices when they go up. It will take years for us along with the rest of the country to recover and financially catch up after this economic crisis, and then we’ll get hit with more debt. I can guarantee you many people will leave the City of Chicago to avoid anymore financial headaches and heartaches.

Forbes says Chicago is third worst city on their America’s Most Miserable Cities list. “Lousy weather, long commutes, rising unemployment and the highest sales tax rate in the country are to blame for the Windy City being near the top of our list. High rates of corruption by public officials didn't help either… There has been a net migration of people out of Chicago for seven straight years, a trend that is expected to continue.”

The sad thing for me is I love this city. This city was created by hard working people. Those who built and worked hard around and during the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 are no longer around. There’s a new breed out there and the trusting company/employee relationship is long gone. And with the unsteady nature of current world affairs, it isn’t unlikely for terrorism or other types of catastrophic situations to arise.

This continuing trend of corruption and deception, along with the 2016 win will force me to move out of the city. If I and others make the decision to migrate out of Chicago, who will be left to pay the bill? I highly doubt it will be Mayor Daley.


  1. You know, I must say these things just don't surprise me. For all the economic crisis going on, I just don't see many cutbacks, any conscientious effort to seriously pare down spending, to really tighten the pursestrings and actually restructure our way of thinking. Do you? And I'm so curious now ... What is your Sales Tax? Ours is 6%.

  2. I agree with you, Joanne spending hasn't tightened enough with our government.

    Our sales tax is 10.25%. GAH!!

  3. We get the 2016 Olympics, like the blogger, I'm outta here. Escaping the Chicago area only needs 55mph (or slower if stuck in traffic)!

  4. Thank you, Anonymous. At least I'm not the only one who feels this way. :D