Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Fitness Sensation!

After a year and four months of non-smoking along with many extra pounds, I decided to sign up for an after work dance class. In my younger years, I took three years of ballet, two years of jazz and one year of modern dance, and always enjoyed dancing. Well, ballet was a little too structured for me, but it taught me discipline. LOL! Who am I kidding?! I wouldn’t have the extra poundage if I had discipline.

In my quest for the perfect day and time for a dance class, I came across a few listed pole dancing classes. Before you gasp and utter words of disgrace, I must say that pole dancing gets a bad rap by people who haven't tried it. Pole dancing is a combination of dancing and gymnastics performed around a vertical pole. It strengthens and increases flexibility. *wink* It’s become a popular form of fitness, changing the name to “pole fitness,” and many women have purchased their own poles for their homes. You can even find some forms of pole dancing in Cirque du Soleil.

After reading about pole dancing, I decided to sign up for a class starting in September. Okay, stop laughing… I can still hear you laughing. With this extra activity and good eating, I hope to reduce the pounds and strengthen my muscles along with the possibility of finding out I have a little bit of sensuality.

Have a great week!


  1. Hi Bea,
    What a beautiful Sunday weather wise here today.
    As I wrote before much congrats!! on quitting smoking. I wish I could muster up enough willpower to make that decision to quit. Maybe just maybe we’ll see.
    Best of luck with the pole dancing weight loss program! Let us know how it works out. Maybe just maybe you could get the shape of the woman shown in the picture on this piece. I need to lose weight too at least 50 pounds. But I don’t think men pole dance. At least I’ve never seen one, but anything is possible now days. My weight is the fault of all those companies that make the very tasty high calorie food. LOL! Ya right!
    Have a great week as well!

  2. Hey Veejay! My body is shaped like the woman shown in the picture! Just kidding. Yes, maybe we'll both accomplish our goals.

    Beautiful day and have a great week.

  3. Lol!! oh, you did it!!! Lol!!! Good for you! And I wish you the best. = )

    PS I did not laugh, at first, I just merely lost all my tea to the screen. hee

  4. I did it! Thanks.

    And I hope you got some of that tea on your white shirt for laughing at your friend. :P

  5. good for you, tot. have fun with it!!


    *books flight to chicago*

  6. Thanks, cray.

    *watches airplanes overhead* :D

  7. Yeah, I'm with Kimmi on this one
    I didn't laugh so much as choke on my coffee :)

    But seriously, Lady
    How many times do I have to tell you, call it "Research".

    Do you have any idea how much more clout this would have , how envious most of your followers would be if you simply said "I've signed up for pole dancing, for research purposes"

    *shakes head and continues to not laugh*

  8. Laugh it up!

    Yes, yes, it’s research. I’m going undercover as a pole dancer.

    *takes Mojito away from you while you laugh*

  9. Good for you! I am sure you shall have a blast in September. :) Talking of which I need to do some exercise of my own. I love dancing too. :D Enjoy.

  10. I know I’ll have a blast, but hopefully I won’t throw my hip out while doing it. :D