Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello Everyone! It’s my 41st Birthday and you’re all invited to my birthday party! *calms the audience down thanking them for their well wishes* I’m going to a German restaurant for lunch with my mommy, so I can have some Wiener Schnitzel. To celebrate my birthday, I’d like all of you to do something you love to do, whether it’s renting a movie with your spouse, going out to dinner, or having drinks with friends.

Before I head out to enjoy my birthday and fight the predicted heavy storms, I decided to post the answers to my birthday trivia quiz, along with the winner. Here are the answers:


1) What is my favorite color? Red

2) What superpower would I want to have; invisible or flying? Invisible

3) Do I have any tattoos? Yes

4) Was I more upset turning 30 or 40? 30

5) Did I win the National Novel Writing Month in 2008? Yes

6) Name one of my favorite movies? The Quiet Man

7) What did I want to be when I grew up? A Rock Star

8) What’s the title of one of my favorite modern books? The Shadow of the Wind

9) What date did I quit smoking? April 6, 2008

10) Did I write a poem for the mother’s in my family for Mother's Day? Yes

11) Where did I enter my first poetry contest? Boston Review

12) What’s the title of one of my longtime favorite songs? Breathing by Lifehouse

13) Is there a picture of me anywhere on my blog? Yes

14) Where did I stay (the town) on my last vacation? Hattingen

15) What’s my favorite smell? Brewing Coffee

16) What genre is my NaNo WIP? Thriller

17) What’s my favorite food; Chinese, Italian or Seafood? Seafood

18) When is my birthday? August 7, 1968 (Crap that year doesn’t look right)

Bonus Questions:

19) What have you learned about me?
That I love birthdays

20) What word would you use to describe me? Loyal

And the winner is… *drum roll* Jakie! Congratulations, Jakie, you are the winner of my birthday trivia quiz, which means you took great notes. Whenever you’re ready, come on by and post the prize of your choice.

1) I’ll write a poem for the winner

2) The winner gets an exclusive blog interview

3) $25.00 Amazon gift card submitted through email

Thank you all for participating. I enjoyed it and I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Cheers!


  1. big Congrats to Jakie!! Whoo hoo! And a very merry and happy birthday to you!!!

  2. *bows to the applause*

    Happy Birthday Bea!

    I am to pick a prize? ...hmm....this comes as somewhat of a surprise ;)

    How about doing the interview?


  3. Thanks, Dear Kimmi. :D


    YAY! I think an interview is an excellent choice. Not that I wouldn't want to give any gift certificates or write a poem, but an interview sounds so much more exciting. Thank you for participating, and I'll be contacting you soon.

  4. Happy Birthday Lady!!

    We gave you a much more interesting cake at the Block.. pfft

  5. Thanks, Paula!

    Yes that was a nice cake. ;)

  6. All I can say is to quote past sayings “I missed it by that (smidgen) much or close but no cigar” It was the bonus questions that got me. For the ones I got wrong it is yes I new that. The old 20-20 hindsight comes into view. Looking forward to the next one. : )

  7. You did a GREAT job, Veejay! I'm so happy you enjoyed it, and that you are one of my loyal readers. I'll make sure to come up with another good one. ;)