Sunday, August 9, 2009

I’m on the Write Track!

I recently joined Helium, an online site where I can write, publish and get paid. On the right side of my blog, you’ll find the title Bea Sempere’s Articles on Helium. You can click on the link to take you to my “About Page.” From there you can read about me and my articles, along with browsing through Helium to see what it’s all about. Psstt… if you’re interested in joining let me know, so I can invite you and earn money from them. *smiles*

The reason I joined Helium was to get in the habit of writing and having the honor of other writers’ rate my articles. Sometimes we are our worst critics, or we overlook our weaknesses, but here I’ll know what other writers’ think. There might be instances, such as a debate article, where someone might rate me based on my opinion as oppose to my writing style. I can’t do anything about that and know that for the most part I’ll get an idea of where my articles rank amongst other writers’ articles. It’s an exciting process and I hope to learn from this experience.

For anyone stopping by my blog for the first time, or long time readers, I’d love to hear your opinion about any of my articles if you get the chance to visit my “About Me’ page. You can contact me through the email address under my profile, so please don’t hesitate to praise, criticize, or discuss my writing or my position on particular topics. Hearing your input is one way I'll learn and grow as a writer.

I thank you for stopping by and wish you a beautiful Sunday.


  1. Bea, happy Sunday and I just checked your article on Helium. Very well said, nicely informative without pushing the tat onto your readers. I liked the way you also thought it out and did your research before coming up with your final choice. And they way you did it for yourself.

  2. Thanks, Kimmi. That was my latest article and I'm glad you found it informative. I appreciate the comment.

  3. Hi Bea,
    Got a chance to read your articles on Helium. Enjoyed them. I was unaware of their website. Now I know where your tattoos are, I was wondering. ; ) Yes I voted “no” on your two debate articles. LOL! The how to lose weight article seems doable, I certainly need help there.
    I think Helium is going to be a great venue for you with your talent seen by more readers. As I expected you received some high rankings so far, like 2 of 74.
    Keep it up!

  4. Hi Veejay! How are you doing on this Saturday morning?

    Yes, I think some of my articles will reveal some things about me. ;)

    I do like debates, you just throw out your opinion and try to justify it.

    Thanks, Veejay! Yes, I think this will help me grow as a writer, and build some confidence. I was very proud of that ranking. ;)

    Take care.