Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jakie's Interview!

For anonymity sake, I’ve decided not to ask some questions and allow Jakie to choose to answer those he felt comfortable answering.

We took a stroll down this bridge while I interviewed him. Just kidding. It was a virtual stroll, but a girl can dream.
Before starting the interview I just want to welcome Jakie and thank him for participating in the interview.

Bea: Hello, Jakie. Welcome to my blog. Could you tell us how you heard about my blog?

Jakie: Hello, Bea. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of this interview. I was told about your blog by a young, aspiring writer from Chicago. She told me it was new and quite interesting, so I checked and got hooked.

Bea: Well thank that young, aspiring writer from Chicago for me. I appreciate her sending a reader my way.

Bea: Do you have a favorite genre?
Jakie: *blushes* um.... that's SciFi to be totally honest. But NOT the crappy stuff, I swear! When I read I very often do it because I want to be entertained, and SciFi takes me to distant worlds and times with problems that are so distant that they don't really concern me ;)
Bea: Some of my writer friends write SciFi, so I'll refer some books to you. :D
Jakie: That would be nice, Bea. I'd really appreciate that.

Bea: Is there a particular poem I've posted on my blog that you really liked?

Jakie: The poem we wrote together: 'Distant Exploration'
Bea: That was fun to write and it was my first collaboration poem.
Jakie: It was first my poem ever. And when I said I was faced with a challenge each time your sent me your new additions I really meant it.

Bea: What is your favorite color?
Jakie: Blue
Bea: I think that's the favored color amongst most men.
Jakie: I kind of had that impression too, now that you mention it ;)

Bea: You're one of my shy blog readers in the sense that you don't post much. Are you shy in real life?
Jakie: Yes, kind of. I don't post many comments on your blog because I very often think too long about what to post, and by the time I've made up my mind you've already made another entry....
Bea: LOL! I know how that is but I love hearing from my blog readers whether it's on a recent post or an older one. To me, all my posts are important just like my blog readers. ;)

Jakie: um... I was afraid you might say that, Bea. And really, there is no excuse. I promise I'll do better, especially now after winning your quiz. *blushes*
Bea: Aw, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just wanted you to know that old or new, I'd love to hear from all my blog readers if you have the time.
Jakie: I know that, and that is why I do feel guilty. You write so much for us, spend so much time on what you post, and I do enjoy dropping by to read what you have to say. Your poetry always produces a smile on my face or makes me think. In that sense you do deserve appreciation and a simple way to show it and to thank you is by commenting on it.

Bea: You're very kind. Thank you.
Jakie: You're very welcome.

Bea: Is there a movie you’d watch over and over again?

Jakie: No, not really, but I do love to watch old movies with James Stewart no matter how often I’ve already seen them.
Bea: One of my favorite movies is "It's a Wonderful Life," so I can understand you liking Jimmy Stewart.

: What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?
Jakie: The eyes! They tell so much about a person's character, and I'd like to make sure I don't get hit before I approach her ;)
Bea: I do too! They are the portals to the soul.

: Describe your perfect date?
Jakie: *eyes get dreamy* The perfect date starts with a long and memorable dinner in the late afternoon of a warm summer's day, followed by a short walk through the park, then some cuddling on a blanket under the trees. To round it up, some fireworks would be nice after dark.
: I have to admit that sounds like a nice romantic date.
Jakie: And it's not really exhausting, so you should still have some energy left when you get home ;)

: You’ve been one of my long time blog readers. Could you explain or describe what you like about my blog that keeps you coming back?
Jakie: That’s simple. I like the quality, the variety and the honesty of your posts.
Bea: *smiles* I knew I liked you. I'm going to have to celebrate with that response.
Jakie: Hey! Please don't stop blogging now only because you've achieved what you wanted to!

Bea: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Jakie: I wanted to be a photographer. I went everywhere with my camera, driving everybody nuts. I even had a dark room in the basement of my parent’s house where I developed the films and pictures myself.
Bea: WOW! You are talented. I wouldn't know where to begin to develop my own film.
Jakie: LOL! Especially in the dark that can be kind of tricky.

Bea: What is your favorite word?
Jakie: hmmm….I could declare one now and pretend I have one, or just admit that I don’t have any quality relationship with any word.
Bea: Sometimes the love of many things makes picking one difficult.
Jakie: Yeah, like ice cream flavors....

Bea: What is your zodiac sign?
Jakie: I’m a Libra

Bea: Do you look younger or older than your age?
Jakie: Some people say I do look younger, but none of them have seen me early in the morning.
Bea: Yes the joys of looking like a 'cereal breath.' I mean, I'm talking about me, not you. :)

Bea: Are you a morning or night person?
Jakie: I am an involuntary early morning riser, but I am definitely a night person.

Bea: What is the best compliment you’ve received?
Jakie: hmm…that somebody has taken me on as a role model and is trying to be more like me. Although….I find that idea kind of frightening ;)
Bea: That is a great compliment! I don't think anyone has ever wanted to be more like me. Then again, this world doesn't need two of me.
Jakie: That's exactly what I thought...not about you though ;)

Bea: Tell us about your ideal vacation.
Jakie: my ideal vacation would never end ….
Bea: Oh yes, that's why I play the Mega Millions weekly.
Jakie: You do

Bea: Could you please explain an important life lesson you learned?
Jakie: Don’t spoil the joy you can have today by moaning about things you do not have. I learned that when someone, who is very dear to me, fought for her life over weeks in intensive care.
Bea: I'm sorry to hear that and hope she won the battle.
Jakie: It was a close call, but she was very strong and brave and she made it.

Bea: What couldn’t you live without and why?
Jakie: I couldn’t live without reading. I love reading and on days I can’t find the time to do so I miss it.
Bea: I'm with you about reading, but there are some extended periods where I have a hard time getting into the reading mode.
Jakie: Usually I read every day, at least for half an hour. Of course there are exceptions, which sometimes have a tendency to become the rule. But I usually have no problem getting back into the habit when I find the time.

Bea: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jakie:I guess it would have to be James Stewart, to chat with him about some of his movies.

Bea: Is there anything you regret in your life and if so, why?

Jakie: Over the course of the years I accumulated a lot of things that I regret. I will publish the list separately…..hmmm seriously, yes, of course there are, but even the things I regret shaped me to be the person I am now, and I’m not really discontent with who I am, so it’s probably no good to think about those too much. I just try to make sure I don’t repeat doing things I already regretted once.
Bea: Sound advice.

Bea: If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be and why?
Jakie: Same answer as above, for the same reason ;)

Bea: Who is your favorite writer?
Jakie: Bea Sempere of course, but as long as she’s not published I also love books by Peter F. Hamilton.
Bea: *blushes* I'm under pressure now. My next novel better be SciFi.
Jakie: LOL! Naw, write what you feel comfortable with, like you always do. That's when you are at your peak!

Again, I want to thank Jakie for his time and participation. Hope you all enjoyed the interview. Have a great weekend!

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