Saturday, June 5, 2010

Come Back, Let Them Smell the Ice!

I watched tonight,
your broad confidence
shrinking from frostbite

Each puck shoved in
made me tense, curse,
and wonder, ‘Where’s the gin?’

Punished by the box,
normally given as a prize,
for your lack of blocks

Your efforts fell short,
adversary team won
this high maintenance sport

Mighty Blackhawks return
White City of adoring fans
clench Stanley Cup hard earned


  1. boo boooooooooo



  2. I'd say an update is in order. Last night's game was awesome! Our Blackhawks were on fire!

    It's nice to have the hometown boys in the finals! At least one Chicago team can pull it off...

    Your resident Cubs fan,


  3. GAH! I have two opponents leaving messages.

    *sniffs air and looks at cray* You smell like a Pronger fan.

    Mud, Last nights' game was awesome! I'll come up with an update when they come back with the Stanley Cup. The Hawks are young and on fire. And you're right, at least one of our teams is in the finals.

    Your resident White Sox fan.

    Bea :D