Friday, June 18, 2010

What's Weird?

It’s weird, but I can’t help…


  1. It’s weird, but I can’t help recently reliving my senior prom night from many years ago. It’s that background music from a commercial that I’ve heard on TV the last couple of weeks and even today. It plays the melody called “Theme From A Summer Place”. My prom date was my first steady girl friend and that was our song. There wasn’t much money then, so my buddy and I rented a cab for the evening, picked up the girls, went to the prom and went out afterwards to a Shangri-La night club and had tropical pretend cocktails. Afterwards we dropped off the girls and bowled to the wee hours of the morning with the cab driver betting double or nothing on the cab fare. I bowled one 200 game, but still lost.
    Today I can’t fully remember what happened last week. I’ve never bowled a 200 game since then and now I get a kink in my knee when I lift a bowling ball. LOL! Gosh I wonder whatever happened to Angie.

  2. It's weird, but I can't help feeling lonely being so far away from my Love although we talk for hours every day on the phone

  3. LOL! Anonymous, love the snippet of a story. Now you have me wondering what happened to Angie. Thanks, I enjoyed this secret.

    Aw, Anonymous. I'm sorry you're so far away and lonely from your love. I hope your loneliness goes away soon.

  4. It's weird, but I can't stop laughing every time I hear the phrase "Whoopsie Daisy."