Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lord Stanley's Cup Is Ours!

Tweeted and shouted, “Let’s Go Hawks!”
With not enough minutes for us to talk
Before sticks and puck went into action
Hope Hossa or Kane won’t lose their traction

It’s been forty-nine years since the day
Shots were blocked by goalie like Niemi
To help seize the game with a four-three win
And fill Lord Stanley's Cup with some gin

Chicago, our kind of town loves their teams
While we sit and watch them live our dreams
So remember every time you hear a bell ring
It means some Flyer player just lost a wing


  1. Cute! I like hockey, but not enough to keep track of who has done what with the winning, (my husband stopped paying attention after the Pens got shut out in the playoffs)


  2. V-i-c-t-o-r-y that's our Blackhawk's battle cry!!

    Ahem. Pardon my cheers. But WOO HOO! The Stanley Cup!!

    Did you see the tribute they got at O'Hare as their plane pulled in this morning? The firetrucks shot arcs of water over their plane--a pretty cool picture here:

    Great poem, Bea! Luv me some Chicago sportsfan fellowship!!


  3. Hi Hinny, I started watching the Hawks in 89 when Jeremy Roenick first started playing. But in time, the Hawks weren't shown on television during home games and lost several fans because of it. Now, after 49-years, WOOHOO!

    Mud, WOOHOO!!! I didn't see the tribute at O'Hare, so thanks for the link. That game was wonderful except for going into overtime.

    Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated. HIGH FIVE!