Sunday, June 27, 2010


Two stray souls search in the mist
Where beauty passes their eyes
Alone on a quest for happiness
This ageless wonder parts the skies

Two prying souls open up
Soon unforeseen treasures unveil
Feelings rise quickly to worship
Absence is what we prevail

Two trusting souls ready to bond
Lives deepen with pleasure and joy
Words entice, our bodies respond
Thoughts and desires meet when we join

Two souls unite, the Angels smile
Fates knotted, eternity waits
Their hearts match, so versatile
We are what is called, "Soul Mates"


  1. Thanks, June. This was a collaborative poem.

  2. That is very powerful, and at the same time romantic. It reminds me of everyone, searching for the same thing and always having it already within themselves. :) Hope you are well.