Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Road Trip

Today is my one and only childhood friend's birthday. We're 17 days apart, so to celebrate we are taking a road trip east. WooHoo! Is that blog acceptable? This expedition begins at the end of this week. I can't wait to see some of this country, kick back and enjoy the celebration with my life long friend. Funny thing is I didn't think she'd go, but I mentioned it anyways. Our friendship survived over the years even though we are very different in personality and lifestyle. She even asked, "What happens if we're not talking after the trip." I told her, "We'll get over it. In our younger years, we went on vacation together, and we know each other's quirks and pet peeves. Besides, we have our own rooms, so it should cushion the aggravation."

I need to credit her decision to her husband. He told her it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She is out of a job right now, so she doesn't have to worry about taking off work and they have enough of people to watch their daughter while he is working.

A two week break from work is my kind of vacation. I'll make sure to take many pictures and post a few here, but for now I must get ready for her little shindig. Her husband called me this week and I answered, "What up, sweet cheeks?" He laughed and said, "Not much hot buns." What? The call came from her phone. So, we're going to surprise her with a little get together with friends and family.

Take care and enjoy!


  1. Hey, ToT, yeah road trips will test your patience for sure. Alow each other space when you can. But you have a great time!!! Happy for you!

  2. Safe travels, and remember to smell the roses along the way. Keep the oil changed. Keep a clean oil filter on that car.

    I'll be gone by the time you get out here, which is really too bad; I'd love to show you all the nooks/crannies of CT, of which there are zillions.

    You'll have a good time. Looking forward to pix.

  3. Is the East Coast ready for Hurrican ToT??? of course it is

    Have a safe trip, many laughs and for crying out loud..have fun!!!!

  4. Thanks, Paula. Whether they're ready or not, here I come.

    I'm gonna... I'm gonna have lots of fun!

    I appreciate you stopping by.