Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hysterical Lyrical?

I wrote these poems today while thinking about my journey. I’m not an expert or gifted poet, but it was fun writing them.

Here's a song to listen to if you get bored with the poems. It's my favorite Van Morrison song titled "Into the Mystic," and is fitting for this moment in time (awesome pictures on this video)."


Staring at an open road,
An endless painting, God bestowed.
Freedom, we all take for granted
In a song, seldom chanted.

Praise the splendor of this nation,
Absorb its beauty, on vacation.
Make it to our destination,
Laugh, talk, sing, good vibrations.

We made it to the new thirty,
Pull back time, it’s in a hurry.
Take pleasure in these forty years,
Do something fun, buy naughty gears.

“Will” I return?

On the move, ready for flight
Trouble sleeping, throughout the night.
Had a bad dream, my car hit a tree
Surprised by life’s disposal of me.

Called my lawyer to set a date
Things to entrust, since I lack a mate.
Dividing possessions, gives a chill,
Although it was time, to make out my Will.

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