Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Gospel According to Joe

A writer friend, Greg Barrett published his book, The Gospel of Father Joe. I had the honor of meeting up with Greg during a July book signing in Chicago. He talked about his visits with Father Joe and the experiences with the children at the Mercy Centre in Bangkok, while everyone at the signing absorbed his passion. Greg not only wrote about this place, where Father Joe along with others teach and nurse AIDS orphans, but he believes in it and hopes to change the world one person at a time. These children were dealt a tough life yet, somehow they wear a contagious smile every day. It’s hard to imagine children suffering from sickness and poverty and still able to smile and laugh. Father Joe best explains it by saying, “You try to laugh with them. That’s very important. Laughter. That’s where God is, of course, in the laughter.” I love this line. It's something I'll say to myself during the tough times.

Recently, President Bush made a visit to the Mercy Centre in Bangkok. In a report from
Dan Rivers, he talks with Father Joe about who and what is needed for the Mercy Centre to operate. YEAH, Greg! Word is getting out.

Greg’s book is an inspirational one, but most of all, it spreads awareness. I definitely will recommend it to everyone. Since I started reading his book, I find myself reaching out to people, something I don’t normally do. Granted, my reach is in small strides, but it’s something. Some days I will forget to “point towards the moon,” and some days, I'll remember. Thank you, Greg.

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  1. Father Joe is as amazing as Greg's awesome gift of voice he so graciously gives to him.

    The best to both!