Sunday, August 17, 2008

Full Moon Rising

Yesterday, my sister and I spent the day with my aunt and cousin. I don't see them often and for some reason I was agitated and easily annoyed, so began a yelling tirade towards my sister, which kept on until several minutes later when I apologized for being so horrid to her. Sometimes these moods come over me, and it wasn’t until we were driving home at night when I saw the full moon when it clicked. I pointed to it and said to my sister, “I wonder if the full moon is responsible for me going off on you.” She said at work she notices the change in patient’s behavior when there is a full moon. So, I decided to browse the internet to see if there is a correlation between behavior and a full moon. I mean, come on, I need something to blame my psychotic mood swings on.

I found an article on the National Geographic site from 2004, and I gotta tell you I was quite disappointed to learn my mood swings have absolutely nothing to do with the moon and everything to do with my character. BAH! Then again, this article also discusses a study regarding whether or not dogs bite people more so when there is a full moon. It seems more dogs bite people in England during a full moon than in Australia. Hmm… I wonder if the study included the Dingo, an Australian dog, or what some women call some men.

Anyways, my behavior prompted me to do a little research, and although that research didn’t come out in my favor, I know now not to put blame on the moon and stars. Before I end this conversation with myself, the article did mention that the “full moon has been portrayed… as cause for celebration.” Maybe I can’t blame the full moon on mood, but I can place blame when I’m celebrating. Good to know!

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