Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ghosts, Goblins and Batman

As the shadow of Halloween approaches this little guy, my nephew, awaits trick or treating and took his Batman responsibilities seriously. This year he will be fighting evil as the Red Power Ranger.

Since this is the time of year to scare the kiddies with masks and haunts, I decided to tell a true ghost story of my own. In my early 20s, I sometimes stayed over at my sister’s house on the weekend to watch my niece when she was a baby while my sister and brother-in-law worked. I remember going to sleep in my sister’s bedroom and as I laid there with my eyes closed, I felt as though someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes, the outline of a man with a hat stood in the doorway of her room. My body froze and I’d stare at it until sleep got the best of me. I felt and saw this presence all the time when I stayed over, but I never told my sister knowing she wouldn’t believe it. As my niece got older and my sister stayed home to take care of her and my nephew, the sleepovers weren’t as often. Then one evening, my sister and I were on the phone, and she said she had to tell me something. She told me when she was on maternity leave with my niece alone at night she’d see this figure standing in the doorway of her room. She said it went away when they got their dog. I sat wide mouth listening to her describe the same presence. Several strange things happened in their house, but when they got a dog all the ghostly moments ceased.

So the next time you think you’re being watched by a ghost, turn on all the lights, call a friend, but I advise you not to look out the window.


  1. Aw, cute pic.

    And your ghost story - eek! I've never had anything like that happen to me, but I'd love to have a story like that!

  2. Hey, Rachel! Yeah, my nephew is so much fun.

    When my sister and I talk about the ghost we get goose bumps every time. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Adorable pic, sweetie!
    yipes, I don't like ghost stories as I is too ascarred!! :D

  4. Thanks, Kimmi. :D

    I do enjoy the old ghost stories as oppose to bloody horror films, but I didn't necessarily want to meet a ghost. LOL! Take care.