Monday, November 3, 2008

Distant Exploration

This poem was a collaborative effort with a dear friend. Thank you for your encouraging words.

Two similar minds reach across the pond,
Accidently they meet thoughts form a bond.
Virtual smiles and a bodyless hug,
Compliments given is like a new drug.
We spark imagination through our words,
Fly high on emotions, two blissful birds.
Secrets we share after learning to trust,
Lives we compare include culture and lust.
Rendezvous places we visit or dream,
Exploring together, a perfect team.
While bodies are stuck like birds without wings,
Accept with devotion that needs no rings.
Treasure the few times we spend together,
That help us defy life's stormy weather.
Sharing the warmth of two souls in a cuddle,
Fingers glide, touch, the feelings so subtle.
Encouragement given pursuing goals,
No word ever lost, thanks to hidden scrolls.
Unforeseen ways of collaboration,
Post for all, sends smiles of jubilation.
Lucky we found a wonderful friendship,
The day we met, forever we'll worship.


  1. Well, sweetie, tis lovely, just lovely, you've got a good start to a collection of nice poetry going there and may find it may be your niche`.

  2. Aw, thanks, Kimmi. I'm not convinced yet whether poetry is my calling, but I enjoy writing it so I guess that's what's important.

    Take care.

  3. Hmmm...isn't it amazing, our poem travelled a little more than 50.000 miles growing to what it has become. And every time it arrived over here you made me smile with your additions....and sometimes sweat when I tried to think of a good rhyme ;) . Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with me :)

  4. :D I thoroughly enjoyed writing this poem with you and I'm glad to share it with the world.

    By the way, when it arrived over here, I smiled, laughed and was touched by your words. Thanks, Jakie