Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quiet Mode Friends

As I sit here in my living room preparing to continue with my NaNoWriMo words, I looked out the window something I’ve done a thousand times, but now my eyes rested on this picture. A friend sent me that picture because he said it reminded him of me. His writing always blew me away and the simplest sentences he turned into poetry in motion. This friend made me laugh when times were tough, encouraged me when I was about to give up writing, and gave me his friendship without any questions. It was natural without complications. Many times, I couldn’t wait until he logged onto Absolute Write since it was quiet and empty when he wasn’t around. Building an online friendship could be tough with misinterpreting words along with feelings, yet we always GOT each other. There weren’t misunderstandings even when we disagreed. Then again, we let those we choose to know who we are.

Unfortunately, our communication has diminished, not because we’re fighting or dislike each other, but because our paths no longer cross and our personal lives replaced our time. I miss my friend and every now and then think of him. Someday our paths may cross again, so until then, wherever you are this is for you.

Picture perfect friends

Connected by our pens

Virtual souls collide

Support each other with pride

Created our own nicknames

To use when playing games

Gray streaked silver wonder

Rarely made a blunder

Our love for corset leather

Also brought us together

What a crazy diamond diva

Who will always remain a believer.


  1. Your kind words are as sad as they are comforting. They got me thinking about friends that dropped out of my life over the years. Isn't it strange how some friendships that seemed to be destined to last forever, somehow lose their importance? And when you finally notice it, you have already drifted so far apart that you rarely can reconnect....

  2. :D Hello Jakie,

    Thanks for coming by and complimenting my words. There were friendships I never thought I'd lose, but somehow they disintegrated. I've met many great people in life and on the internet, who have come and gone. Each person helped me grow becoming a part of my history, and that makes the loss easier to accept.

    Take care.

  3. A poignant post indeed. But at least you're left with the beauty of what you express here, an understanding, wisdom. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pink's, Who Knew, is what I'm reminded of when a friend slips away and I often wonder, perhaps I should make the extra effort--go the extra mile to keep the friendship. I feels ya, on this, hugs, my friend, now pick up the phone and tell me you love me today, then pick up the phone and tell him how much your friendship has meant!!! ; )

  5. Thank you, Joanne for your nice words. Learning is part of the beauty of life.

    Kimmi, good song and I see the connection. If it’s important to us, we should make that extra effort. Do you hear the phone ringing? ;)

  6. :D yuppers and me now has the ol' cauliflower ear agains!! Lol

  7. Friends enter our lives in a variety of forms. Some are a quick paragraph that effects the rest of our story, others stay with us until -The End-. All are precious. Thanks for sharing this with us. A lovely dedication to this friend.

  8. Kimmi, ((((((What?))))))) :D

    Turkey, you summed up friendships perfectly. I couldn't find a better comparison if I tried. Thanks.

  9. What? What? :D

    Turkey what a beautiful decsription! Bea, get back to Nano!

  10. Nice. Friendships sometimes come and go, but the memories remain to brighten our lives.