Sunday, November 23, 2008

Room With A View

This is a picture I took looking out from a window in Shakespeare's childhood home.

Hark! who looks out yonder window with woe

A lover’s quarrel of footprints in snow

‘Tis lost thy source which aches within thy heart

Though world has warned by calling thee a tart

Ignored thy ignorant words spit out of spite

Found thee defending that grew into a fight

Is thou love really a harlot in disguise,

Or how thee praised with acts of idolized?

How shall thee find the answer to thy prayers

To silence forever along with thy tears?

I wrote this for fun. I am sure... no I'm positive I misused 'thy' and 'thee,' and the more I searched for a definition each link wound up confusing me more. I'd love to hear your thoughts and *clears throat* corrections on my usage.

Have a great day and week! If I'm not back in time, you can start the Thanksgiving dinner without me. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Looks good to me! I like the last two lines, they're a little sad. Enjoy the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks, Joanne. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Gobble, Gobble! Yes, that's what I'll be doing the whole day. :D

  3. Hey, Bea, strange but I just wrote a poem yesterday using the words 'parting is such sweet sorrow'... And Author Scoop just published it!!
    I love, lurvers this poem and the picture is a great visual that goes well!
    Happy Thanksgiving, (((sweetie)))!

  4. Hey Kimmi, How about that. Congrats on the publishing. I'm glad you lurves my poem and I love that picture. No one was supposed to take pictures inside his house, but I don't always listen.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. Tell the Family I said hello. :)