Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memoriam. Thank You for our Freedom.

We look upon you,

after bittersweet exits,

for this day has come

to hear us shout,

“It’s time we express,

don’t forget our merits,

lives or memoriam,

we ask, remain devout.

“Our bodies are gone,
we hope not forgotten.

We’ve left a legacy

to use for future plans.

Grief lingers, a new dawn,

read what we’ve written

value our tenacity,

and the historians.

“War left us broken

some beyond repair,

others decay in the earth;

emotions locked away

left horrors unspoken

push farther into despair

while trying to find worth

as we struggled to stay.

“These were sacrifices,

for family and freedom

we hope you’ll remember

many years from now.

To some, too great a price,

misused humanity’s wisdom,

but we’re of high caliber,

today’s tribute, everyday’s vow.”


  1. I especially enjoyed reading this one. Very touching.

  2. Thank you very much, stamperdad. I appreciate you stopping by.