Thursday, May 14, 2009

Traveling Fools!

I’ll be traveling to a neighboring state this weekend to hang out with a few friends, one I’ve met and another I’ll meet for the first time. This should be a crazy fun weekend filled with lots of drinks, food, and laughs. For me, it’s exciting meeting people I’ve met in the virtual world, not only because I enjoy traveling, but also the experience of seeing how others live. To my weekend friends, who I plan to make some fun memories with.

Roads we travel
Are sometimes gravel,
While others wind
Into secret sublime.

We chance our fates
While crossing states
Experience anew
For a brew or two

Doesn’t take much
To keep in touch
Unless your meet

Wasn’t so sweet

Hope our time together
Avoids stormy weather
And sunshine rules
For us silly fools


  1. Sounds like a fun adventure ... Enjoy!

  2. Monkey's envious! When are you comin' to Florida!!! ;)

  3. Joanne, Thanks.

    Anonymous, I'll mark you down monkey. Maybe I can fit it in this year. ;) It's very nice to see you here. *spanks monkey on the way out*

  4. Have a wonderful experience. :) Beautiful words.