Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Super Secret Writing Prompts!

How can I concentrate on writing and work when I’m leaving for vacation next week? I’ve been counting down the work days until I leave for vacation and in doing so my muse ran away. *everyone sighs* For many months, I had a hard time getting back to reading and now that I’m back to reading I’m having a hard time writing. This is the only juggling act I know how to do. To help me along, or maybe one of you who stumbles into my blog, I’ve decided to do weekly prompts. Anyone can take one of these prompts and write a sentence, poem, paragraph, flash fiction, short story, etc., and well, you get what I mean. If you are so inclined to do so, please post what you wrote in the comments area. Some of you may not know, but you can post anonymously if you’d like and no one will be the wiser. *winks* To avoid anymore delay, here are the prompts, which I decided to keep with a "secrets" theme.

  1. Write something to your secret admirer.

  2. My dirty little secret is…

  3. Your secret powers are…

  4. What’s the secret to success?
Write Away!!!!!


  1. The secret to success? I really think it is two things ... consistent hard work, and never, ever giving up.

    And a vacation thrown in for good measure! Have a great one, enjoy your time off!

  2. I must wholeheartedly agree with your secret to success. :) Thanks, Joanne.

  3. My dirty little secret
    brings me to great heights
    you glorify my body
    with your sinful delights
    of bedroom toys and whip cream
    to last throughout our nights
    demands make me quiver
    when exposed under the lights
    not because I’m scared, you know
    it’s from torn and tattered tights,
    before our clothes are fully gone
    list the one thing that ignites.

  4. Wow Bea! What a smoking hot dirty secret. LOL!

    I’ll try stick to secret powers. Here goes my rookie piece:

    They say accounting is an art
    Forensic is my part
    Assets missing, new ones in their place
    Verification impossible
    Credibility starts to crumble
    Discovery allows my presence in the past
    Visions of who, when, how, what, but not why
    Side by side with the who that did it
    Who refuses to admit
    Who continues to lie
    Truth prevails
    Who wails
    The why can be who’s secret
    Maybe for profit or escape of worse fate
    For who it’s too late

    Have a great vacation !!

  5. LOL! I had to make up some hot dirty secret.

    Great Job, Veejay!!!!!! Okay, you've been secretly writing haven't you? This is wonderful, and I'm so very glad you joined in. *Applauds*

    Thank you very much, and take care.