Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love came in the wrong package

Love came in the wrong package without paper or bows. There wasn’t a note to say I should keep or dispose. I handled it as if it were a prize, using its hard beauty as a disguise. Its intriguing presence kept me coming back for more, unwilling to admit I was addicted to explore. For days it opened and released its soul, triggering emotions that continued to grow. The pain and happiness expressed to me, a stoic persona, and solid like an oak tree. From the beginning ‘til it stopped dangling its suspense, was when I caved from feelings so intense. While it taught, my heart held by its hook, through beautiful pages that filled this book. Love came in the wrong package but took me by surprise, it swallowed and threw away all my life’s despise.


  1. Nice piece, could be one of your entries.

  2. Thanks, Veejay. Actually, I already sent in my five poems, so maybe I'll hold onto this one for another contest. ;)