Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Need You!

How is everyone doing? Are you sick of this rain…if you live in Chicago? I can’t wait to see the sun. 

First things first, I’m selling my condo. In the side bar, you’ll find a link with a description and pictures for my “Condo for Sale”. If you know of anyone looking for a condo on the south side of Chicago, please forward the link. It’s within walking distance to the train, which is appealing as we watch the price of gas rise.

Secondly, I’m planning on self-publishing a book of poems but I’ve run into a brick wall. I’m having trouble coming up with a book title. My poems aren’t about one specific subject; death, writing, seasons, dreams, religion, life, and more. I’d like a title embracing many topics. Please let me know if something comes to mind.

Thanks for any help you can give me with the above.


  1. if there is no central theme to the group of poems there really is no good title for the lot.

    i'd probably use the title of one of the poems as the title of the book. example:

    "cray, i need you,"
    and other poems

    by ToT.


    that's what i'd do, anyway.



  2. LOL! You are funny, cray, but that's not a bad idea. I might go through my poems.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    blurve you,

    ToT ;)

  3. LOL! ^^^^

    I did send someone to you - unfortunately they were looking in MI. :/

    Good luck!ON both counts!

  4. I appreciate the thought, AB. Every little bit helps and I think sharing on Facebook will get it out there more. I also posted to craigslist.

    Thanks for the well wishes. Take care.