Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Royal Vacation—if I had the Money!

It’s a beautiful day in Chicago so I thought I’d make this post about something fun instead of hearing about my manuscript progression. Since we’ve been bombarded with news about the Royal Wedding, How to dress like Kate, and 20 plus year divorces, I thought I’d present *tum ta da da* “My Royal Vacation—if I had the Money”.

If I had the money, I’d first go shopping for a new summer wardrobe. When I get home with my clothes, I’d pack them in suitcases and go on the internet to book my trip to leave that day for Lake Garda, Italy. Over the pond, I’d stare out the airplane window at the blue water and cotton stretched clouds until we land in darkness.

I’d rent a driver to take me to my house where I would retire for the night. When I wake up, I 'd open the french doors to my bedroom balcony to see the rising sun kissing the top of a mountain. 

I would hurry to get ready for the day and begin my exploration of the towns around the lake. At the end of a pier, I'd find a bench, sit down, close my eyes and listen to the waking. The water licking the boats and shore while in the distance window covers are pulled up. 

When people begin venturing out onto the pier, I would start walking down the streets, getting lost in the beauty of these townsfolk’s lives. Worn stones, uneven streets—a simple peace. A wonderful way to soak up culture.

Then I’d take a ride up into the mountains for winter warmth overlooking the towns and lake.

I’d drive around the lake, stopping at the beautiful villages for pictures and food. After filling up on pizza, and waiting for the end of the day, I’d get comfortable sitting on a pier gazing at a row of orange trees with a mountainous backdrop.

What’s your Royal Vacation? I’d love to hear it.


  1. You can stuff me in a suitcase & I'll go with you. I like your idea :)

  2. Okay!

    It is beautiful out and I have no ambition to do any work. I'm thinking about taking the train downtown to walk by the lakefront...or go shopping...or take a walk by my place. *sighs*

  3. That sounds like a grand vacation!

    (psst, I didn't forget your email, I still have it and I'll be writing back soon, I've just been in hibernation mode. Thanks for the sweetness!)

  4. Hey Kara! I know you're extremely busy. Don't worry, we'll catch up some time. Take care of yourself.