Saturday, May 21, 2011

I’ll stop the world…

…for you. Over the past few days people have been talking about the end of the world. I guess some guy predicted today at 6:00 p.m. will be our demise. Was that 6:00 p.m. central time? I don’t know. And if I can recall correctly, I thought the bible says the world will end by man’s hands alone. Hmmm…nuclear power plants come to mind so I can believe that.

This talk of the world ending brings up some good questions about life. Could you answer “yes” to all of the below if the world was about to end?

1) I have no regrets
2) I’ve kept in contact with everyone important to me.
3) I’ve spent quality time with friends and family
4) I’ve lived a fulfilled life
5) I accomplished my goals
6) I’ve done everything I wanted to do
7) I worked hard to get and keep what’s important to me
8) I fixed any poor choices I made
9) I’ve worked hard to become a better person
10) (If you’re a Christian) I kept God as an important part of my life
11) I’ve worked at living a healthy life

The list could go on and on, but these are just a few. A few I’ve asked myself at different times in my life. When I’ve made these statements in the past, they sometimes put me back on track in life. I think it’s important we ask ourselves such things every now and then because it puts things into perspective.

“I’ll do it tomorrow”. Tomorrow may never come. “I will when I have enough money”. You may never have enough. “Let’s wait until the children are grown”. You might not be here when they’re grown. “I don’t have time”. This is true—you don't have much time—so get going.

If anything, reach out to someone special today. Hug a stranger who looks like they could use one. Write down your goals and start achieving them. Mend the past and learn from it. Work every day to become a better person. Keep God in your heart and mind.

I can’t stop the world for you but I can lend you a hand.


  1. Great post, Tater! I like to think I live every day like it's going to be my last - except for that waiting on queries thing.... ;)

  2. Thanks. I'd have to say, in the little bit of time I've spent and talked with you, I'd have to agree. You do for others without anything in return and are always willing to help.

  3. Such a nice & uplifting post. It's always good to remember what's important in life. While I can't answer yes to all your questions, I *can* rest in getting to know God better over the past few years, which, in turn, has brought me much peace over the fact that I can't answer yes to those questions, lol. (Eek! Confusing, but you know what I mean, right?)

  4. *smiles* I can't answer yes to all my questions either, but I continuously work on them. I'm glad you have peace from getting to know God and I know what you mean. :D

  5. i was going to comment on this post yesterday but i put it off until just now.



  6. *smacks cray upside the head* Snap out of it!