Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another Secret!

There’s still no word…


  1. There's still no word whether or not his love was true.

  2. Man... I thought you were joking around... :P

    There's still no word on whose baby is whose.

  3. LOL! Now that's a good one. I could probably come up with a short story with that one.

    Thanks for playing and hope your goals are coming along.

  4. There's still no word why we received that overdraft notice on our joint checking account, except for my partner’s comment on the way out the door leaving for work: “The bank is wrong there are still checks left in our checkbook!”

  5. There's still no word
    to replace the doubt.

    There's still no word
    to replace a kiss.

    My soul if only there was one
    to occupy the without.

  6. Hello Anonymous, I was laughing reading about the overdraft notice. I thought of some people I know fighting about monies. Usually one is responsible while the other sees money and spends it like a millionaire. Great secret.

    Hello Anonymous, I love this poem. The repetition and ending is powerful. I’ve read it ten times already. Thank you so much for sharing.