Saturday, April 24, 2010

Politically Correct vs. Speaking Your Mind

In a recent interview, Jillian Michaels caught plenty of looks and comments when she stated she wants to adopt so she can keep her physique.  And that’s bad?  OMG!  She spoke about how she felt and decided to take another path to having children.  Why is it so wrong for people to say what’s on their mind?  Is her way of looking at things going to change your way, or start a revolution?  Did she threaten anyone in the process?  Or is what she said making you mad about your choices?

For one, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Jillian Michaels saying what she did.  She makes a living inspiring people to change their bodies through healthy eating and exercise and set them on a path of healthy living.  That’s her livelihood.  And if she doesn’t want to change her body in any way, such as having a child then she has that right, and should be able to say it without backlash from society.

We live in a world that has made rules and laws as to how we should act and what to say to avoid offending someone.  Face it, someone is always going to be offended.

I’ve always been blunt with people and say what I feel.  Many people hate me for it, and many love me for it, either way, I’ve always been true to myself.   I’d rather hear how someone feels about a particular subject then hear nothing at all because it’s politically incorrect. 

This is the speak your mind thread.  In the cyber world, people get away with more than they would if they were in a room full of people.  You can say anything; something you’ve been afraid to say, or know it’s not ‘socially accepted’ and post it here.  As long as it isn’t threatening someone, or vicious in nature let the words come through.

What do you feel strongly about, but never say?

What’s in the news that simply infuriates you?
Come on, tell us!!!!


  1. Dear Bea,
    Well I guess you opened the gates here. LOL! Of course all of the following is in my own opinion. Sorry for the wordiness. My current biggest gripe is Congress’s passing the healthcare reform bill. The proponents told us the bill will control rising health care costs, will not add to our country’s deficit and best of all everyone will be insured no matter how sick or poor they are. Certainly great ideas and goals, but as we all know if it sounds too good to be true it isn’t. The passage of this bill appears to me to be a goal of a Congress trying to take credit for major achievements tantamount to the 1935 Congress that passed Social Security and the 1965 Congress that passed Medicare. To me all the current Congress has achieved is their goal of basking in a glory of passing major reform bill. Sadly they did this for that glory instead of helping our country.
    I wonder has Congress read the bill yet. Before passage of the bill on March 9, 2010 Nancy Pelosi said “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”
    What bothers me is the creditability of the statements that the bill will control rising healthcare costs and will not add to the deficit. A little known fact is that based on a 2002 Congressional passed bill instituting a Medicare formula doctors should be getting a 21% pay cut this year. A small pay cut was made in 2002 following the bill and since 2003 Congress has periodically delayed any further cuts required by the bill. Over the past seven years Congress has let these cuts accrue to the current 21% which will now be effective June 1, 2010, unless again postponed. The proponents of the bill included this 21% cut in to the cost the new health care reform to make it seem possible to fund the reform without deficit. If you factor in that the doctors’ pay will NOT be cut it results in the new health care reform costing more than what we had before. The proponents say their bill does not mandate a pay cut for the doctors. It’s definitely not their doing. However in effect they conveniently counted the pay cut in their projections to arrive at their cost figures. What kind of creative accounting double talk is this? It scares me that they are outright misrepresenting the facts.
    OK let’s say Congress allows the 21% cut to go into effect. So if you are on Medicare or TRICARE (Armed Services coverage for those serving and their families.), accepting patients with these coverages is an option to a doctor. The doctor does not have to treat you unless it’s an emergency. So it’s possible your doctor will refer you to another doctor who works for cheap, has a great number of patients causing a long time to get an appointment and when you finally get your appointment doesn’t have much time to spend with you. Wow! Yes this will cut health care costs because you will get less health care and only the quality that is paid for. In this scenario I hope the hospital ERs are not too crowded with the elderly and the Armed Services families that could not hold out until their next appointment with their doctor.
    Finally it’s interesting that the establishing of Social Security and Medicare had a purpose of helping the elderly with emphasis on those elderly who could no longer financially afford living. This bill could have the opposite effect and take back their health care benefits.
    If the bad scenario comes to pass I don’t think I’d be a Democrat running for election.
    Thanks for reading!

  2. You sure had a lot on your mind. I hope in writing this and expressing your aggravation and worry with the health care bill that you at least feel a little better.

    Maybe someone in Congress will read your frustration and think more about this bill and future decisions.

    Take care and glad you were able to speak your mind.