Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time Stands Still

42-years old for you today
no wrinkles embroidering your face,
or stress making its daily visit.
You're fresh in age as beauty never left.
A smile dimpling your cheeks.
Glossy green eyes inviting everyone over,
contrast with your dark mystery.

That’s how I remember you at nineteen.
Through all these years you remained ageless.
Sun still soaking into your olive skin;
your cackle still music to my ears.

Earth has been your home for almost 23-years,
now defrosting from past months.
But at forty-two you’re as beautiful as ever,
still living in my heart and playing in my memory.

Happy Birthday, Ann!


  1. Bea, this was super sweet! I don't know who Ann is but Happy Birthday to her!!

  2. Thanks Hinny. I'm sure Ann appreciates the wishes.

  3. That is truly special, and so everlasting true. A very happy Birthday to your friend Ann. :)

  4. Awesome way to remember a friend!

  5. Ana, I'm sure Ann appreciates your wishes.

    Thanks June. Ann was my cousin. I guess she still is my cousin just not with us anymore.