Thursday, April 1, 2010


I’d like to try something with my present and future readers. Every week, I will make a new post about secrets. I will start a sentence and you complete it with a true or false secret, or I will use one that someone sends to me in an email. You can email me from my profile. The secret(s) can be funny, sad, dirty, serious, poetic or goofy, but no one will be the wiser. You can leave an anonymous comment without putting your name too. For example:

“I didn’t mean to hurt … “then you finish it off. “I didn’t mean to hurt those closest to me, but love stopped by and then moved in.” Or. “I didn’t mean to hurt myself while sitting on the toilet.”

Today’s Secret!

Everyone knew about…


  1. What a great idea Bea!

    Everybody knew that I hated leather, but they bought it for me anyway...

    (eh... I'm sick :P maybe a better one next time)

    Hope you're doing well!

  2. Oh that's a good one. Thanks for adding your secret.

    Aw, I'm sorry you're sick. I'm sending you virtual hugs, medicine and tissue. :D Take care of yourself, Hinny.

  3. Hi Bea!

    I thought about your idea for a while and came up with this:

    Everybody knew that the world doesn't revolve around only one person, but my World only revolves around the One I love.

  4. Hello, Anonymous! Very nice. The "One" in anyone's life is pretty lucky.

  5. Everyone knew about the bite mark. It was clearly visible on my neck.

    The scratch marks trailing down my chest and back tell much more of the story.

  6. Oh, Anonymous, I like it. Kudos! I’m looking forward to hearing more secrets from you. *fans face* Nice job.