Saturday, November 19, 2011

It’s all about Appearance

Since I’ll be doing some book promoting, I’ve recently looked back at past marketing and promotions that did and didn’t do so well. It’s interesting how marketing/promoting a product can increase sales or cause its collapse.

We’ve recently heard some debates regarding the marketing of Dr. Pepper Ten. “It’s only ten manly calories.” “It’s what guy’s want.” “Dr. Pepper Ten. It’s not for women.”

I’ll be honest, this didn't upset me that they wiped out a very, very large demographics, but I did watch the video wondering, “Do guys really care about calories? Is there such a thing as ten womanly calories? Are they trying to use reverse psychology to get more women to buy the product?” Most household shoppers are women, and if these women are out shopping for pop (yes, I’m from Chicago) for husbands and kidlets, do they really think the women will head straight for Dr. Pepper?

Then there’s the Abercrombie & Fitch, Summer 1999

Does A&F own an island? Did you see all their cool clothes? Because I didn’t. There’s nothing about that video that screams clothes to me.

Ayds Diet Candy

Unfortunately, the ad came out when AIDS was becoming the scariest thing in the world. And a double whammy was that AIDS was known to eat away at the body, and AYDS Diet Candy was a weight loss product.  

Now for a few of my favorite marketing/promotions.

Joe Boxer

Every time I saw this commercial I couldn’t help but smile. I wanted to go out and buy Joe Boxers for someone. I wonder what happened to this guy. I miss him.

I don’t drink J&B, but because I thought the advertisement was cool, I thought about getting a bottle.

Do you know of any good or bad marketing/promotion campaign ads?

Audience and sell,


  1. I love the new one for breast cancer with the hot guys!!! Now that's something to keep your attention! I'm with you. When I see an add & wonder WTH they were advertizing, I think "epic fail" & biiig waste of advertizing dollars!

  2. I don't believe I ever saw that one. I would definitely remember hot guys. :D Yes, some companies focus on sex thinking it will attract buyers. They're missing the mark when a person doesn't know what product is being sold because it was so clouded.

  3. I am convince that the ad idea guys couldn't get a job in any other field some days. Maybe they keep them in cages and promise to feed them when they produce an idea! LOL!


  4. I loved the new breast cancer with the hot guys! lol

  5. I loved these! Wow. You really went to a lot of work to bring all these together. Quite impressive!

  6. It's funny, now that you mention it, the only Dr. Pepper addict I know goes through about a 12-pack a day and weighs about 250 lbs, which I guess isn't so bad if you're not 4'11". I think she's too manly for DP-10.

  7. WilyBCool, I know, some ideas are great, but some, they completely missed the mark.

    Emma, I’ve been watching and I STILL haven’t seen it.

    Peggy, Thanks. I think it’s interesting to see past advertisements along with recent.

    A Beer for the Shower, She sounds too manly for Dr. Pepper.

  8. I liked the J. Lo Fiat Gucci car commercial. I usually tune out commercials, but J. Lo caught my eye. LOL!
    Not that I’d buy one, but it did get me to look up the price on the Fiat website. It starts at $23,500, looks as small as a VW Beetle and is a limited edition. The website asked for my email so they could let me know just as soon as they have one for me. I don’t think so.