Sunday, November 27, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!

A few of my blogger followers bestowed upon me this awesome blog award. Please take the time and stop on by Let go of the Past, live Today and create Tomorrow where you will find wonderful inspiration. You won’t be able to stop smiling after reading his blog. Also, please head on over to Mainely Mugups for soothing music and diverse blog posts that leave you feeling good.

What’s awesome about this blog award is that Liebster is a German word that means dearest/love. And since I refer to the love of my life as Mein Liebster, and lived and plan to go back to Germany, I can’t help but have a greater appreciation for this award.  

But there are responsibilities that go along with such an honor.

1)  I need to link back to the person(s) that gave me the award and thank them. WilyBCool and Belva’s blogs share positive insights, so please click on the above links and start following them.

2) List 5 of my favorite blogs with under 200 followers, and let them know you awarded them with the Liebster award. It’s not a popularity contest, it’s just a great opportunity for me to reach out to others and maybe receive a few more followers.

3) Post the award on my blog. I’m all about bragging.

4) Be thankful for your blogger friends.

Here are my picks:

1) Stop on by June Kramin’s aka Aunty Bug’s blog. She is a writer friend of mine with several books coming out. Find out when and what June is publishing and read some funny snippets of her life.

2) My next blog is attorney/writer, Melissa Sugar-Gold’s. Every time I stop on by, I laugh out loud reading about her writing escapades. Make it part of your daily reads.

3) I want to refer you to my writer friend, Barb, and her blog, Written Not With Ink. Barb’s posts are interesting and thought provoking. She provides a new and refreshing outlook on things.

4) I’ve recently had the privilege to connect with Ramblings of a Peacock. Head on over there and see what she’s rambling on about.

5) Another blog I’ve recently started to follow is The 20th Century Man. I always love hearing about life from a man’s POV.

For wonderful reads, head on over to the above blogs and fill your days with laughter and inspiration.

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  1. I guess I'll have to look up some of these blogs and comment! Congrats on the award.

  2. Congratulations! You deserve it! ;D

  3. Thanks Pat and WilyBCool. I appreciate it.

    Have a nice week.

  4. Congratulations! Sounds like a great way to promote readership. I'll have to check these folks out. Cheers!

  5. Aww... thanks :) I'll check out your others too. If you like 'em.... :D

  6. Congrats! You have a lovely place here! Nice to meet you *waves*

  7. Awww, I'm honored! You are too sweet. I will definitely check out the other blogs you listed. Sorry about my later-than-late comment! :O I'm just getting back in the swing of the internet again after taking about a three week break! Time to catch up!