Friday, March 30, 2012

My Top Ten List of Things Not To Do...

1.   Conduct a business call from the washroom.

2.   “Smize” a police officer during a field sobriety test.

3.   Go shopping for clothes when you’re PMSing

Image by Michelle Meiklejohn

4.   Respond with “I’m up for anything other than Missionary”, when asked during an interview, “What challenges are you looking for in a position?”

5.   Substitute 1-ply of toilet paper for 3-ply. Chafing is not the way to go.

6.   Don’t put “Tiger Blood” for blood type on a patient information sheet.

7.   Forgetting to put on pants when Skyping for a job interview.
8.   Respond with “Fo Shizzle” when you receive communion.

9.   Eating sauerkraut the night before getting on an International flight.

10. Put down “my other personality” in reference to relationship to your emergency contact person. 

What would you add?

Whatnots and remedies,


  1. Just a little bit more:

    Using a match to look into your motorcycle gas tank to see how much gas you have left.

    Keeping your dental appointment after you been on a drinking binge the night before.

    Hitting the “Place Order” button again when the website is not responding.

  2. These are great, Veejay.

    The Hitting the "Place Order" button reminds me of my years of troubleshooting when people would keep printing when the first print job didn't come out. LOL!

  3. LOL!!!! That sounds like some of the moments in my life. ;D

  4. I can't stop laughing. Sadly, I am guilty of a couple (no, not skyping with out pants for interview) I loved number 4 and 10. I will never ever trade good toilet paper for chafing paper. I have a rule in our house: We can skimp on a lot at the grocery store, but toilet paper is not an option. We will not buy, what my husband calls, "sandpaper ass paper".

    Thanks for making me smile & laugh.

  5. Whoo boy, those are some serious mom jeans! LOL and I'm so with Melissa about the 1 ply toilet way!

    Great list... thanks for the laugh this morning.