Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Sisters

My sister and I are 4-1/2 years apart—two very different women, yet two very similar hearts. When we were young, I looked up to my sister and wanted to be just like her. In the 70’s, she had long straight hair, wore the normal 70’s attire (our favorite being the Angel sleeve blouse), and smoked. I know what you’re thinking, smoking isn’t cool. But it was…back then it was cool. Because we had one car in the family, my sister bought her own car when she got her license, a Ford Pinto, and it skyrocketed her coolness.

As time went on my admiration toward her faded and life seemed to be all about me. I was caught up in the moment of high school, partying, and going out. Our relationship went into hibernation while I tried to keep up with adolescence and my sister concentrated on a career. She finally decided to become a bloodsucker—Phlebotomist. This opened up many other opportunities for her. Even though she moved out of the house, we still found moments to fight…but we are sisters…and that’s what some sisters do. 

As different as my sister and I are, we still always have an emotional connection and understanding. We don’t always agree, and fight hard about our decisions, but I would go to the ends of the earth to protect my sister, and I know she would do the same.

Now our lives are going in different directions. We are dealing with an abundance of change in a short period of time. Change is good. Change offers new opportunities, but change can also be a lonely companion. My sister and I are still struggling with the death of our mother, who passed in December. Over the past few months we have worked on settling my mom’s estate, dividing up her things, dealing with finances, and putting her condo on the market. Each step has been another good-bye.

Yesterday I wished my sister well as she starts a new life out West. She is looking for a job while she stays with our father with high hopes that it works out and she finds happiness. We cried and she said we will see each other soon. I wonder when since the plan for me is to live overseas for a few years with the same hope—that it works out and I have a life of happiness. These are big changes for both with sadness still looming within us. We lost our mother, and in a different way, I feel like I have lost my sister. Geographically speaking, we will be in opposite directions, and the family life we grew accustom to is gone. The light has been shut off on that part of our lives.

So here begins a tale of two sisters about to embark on tales of two cities. I wish my sister well and I know my mom will guide us both to where we need to be. Good-bye, Sesute. May our travels lead us back together again very soon. 
Sisters and New Beginnings,


  1. Denise!! This is beautiful! What a perfect song to listen to after such a heartfelt blog post (this song has always given me goosebumps anyway, but to read it keeping you and your sister's departure/new phase in mind is even more special). What you are going through is melancholy and sort of scary, but there is an undercurrent of hope, optimism, and intrigue over where you and your sister might end up. It feels good to begin anew, and knowing no matter how far away your family is from one another (including your mom guiding you... aww!) it's inspiring! Almost like there's this otherworldly essence that you guys will always be together! I love family bonds!

    I *really* loved this post! And now I'm off to itunes to download Unwritten. :)

  2. Barb, Thanks so much for saying you love the post. I searched for a song that would fit my sister's and my journey.

    I think under different circumstances I'd be a little more excited about my future adventures...but I'm sure over time, if things work out, I'll have some happy pages written.

    I'm glad that you found this post inspirational. :) Have a great day!

  3. It's always so sad when you move away from family and the life you once knew. But as you say, new beginnings! So that must guide you in your new ventures. I'm sure your sister feels feel exactly the same way. And in this day and age where the world get's smaller every day I am sure it will not be goodbye - just au revoir until you meet again!!!

  4. Best of luck to your sis in the West. It sounds like you two have something pretty special in one another. A cheers to that.

  5. Pat, Thanks for your words. It's true that the world seems a little smaller. I think technology has to do with it.

    BFTS, Thanks much. I know you guys are doing well in your neck of the woods so there's hope. :)

  6. My awesome sister Denise..all I can say is wow, that was beautiful. And of course you made me cry... As we go on our journeys we are only a Skype and call away! I know the bond we have can not be broken that easy. I am here for you always day or night. I could not ask for a more talented, smart, or funnier sister.....I love you always!!!!!