Tuesday, March 6, 2012

‘Til Life Gets Better

Memories of you constantly
slap my brain, squeeze
my heart—so I make a wish
to rewind time.

To a time when I didn’t feel so
lost because I knew you
were here—but now
lost is where I am.

A time when all holidays, birthdays,
and special events included you,
the constant in my life—but now
my constant is sadness.

A time when your voice
and laughter made me smile
inside and out—but now
I hear silence.

A time when you gave my life
purpose because you depended
on me—but now my purpose
is full of memory tears.

A time when you would say,
“You’re going to miss me
when I’m gone”—and now
I admit that you were right.

So now I must struggle with the
here and now—what was and
what might have been—‘til life
gets better.


  1. Beautiful, Denise. Just beautiful. And my goodness, do you ever resemble her! I love your line about hearing silence. In a way, poetry is an outlet for silence, isn't it? At least I think yours is. When I read this poem I'm struck by how simple it is, but I feel the weight of layers of sadness. Take care, my friend. And keep writing—especially your poems. They are the beauty to come from your tears.

  2. Very moving. You create the movement of emotion and memory very well. ;D

  3. Barb, Thank you. I was looking at the picture and do see a resemblance. I would say poetry can be used a medium to voice emotional silence. Does that make sense? I have good and bad moments. Yesterday happened to have been bad, and the memory of loss kind of took my breath away. I will keep writing, my friend, and thank you for your words.

    WilyBCool, Thanks.

  4. A lovely poem, Denise... Your love shines through...

  5. Pat and Peggy, Thank you for reading. I'm glad you both like it.