Saturday, March 10, 2012

Railway, Castles, and Dragons!

Last weekend we went to Schloss Drachenburg to see the castle and the Drachenfels Mountain, and we wound up doing so many other things there, too. The foundation of the Schloss Drachenburg was laid in 1882. To read more about the castle’s history and take a look at other pictures (aside from my own), you can visit the Schloss Drachenburg site - Now relax, keep your hands by the keyboard, and enjoy the scenery.

When we first arrived in the town of Koenigswinter (King’s Winter), we parked in a free parking lot. Free People! A free parking lot is hard to come by in Germany. You drive, you pay, which includes high price gas and parking. While we were walking through the parking lot to get to the train, we came across a few washrooms and here is what it said above one of the doors (translation: urinal). What can I say, I’m childish and thought it was funny.

From there, we took the cog railway up to the Schloss Drachenburg. This railway opened in 1883, but it has been updated several times since. When we got up to the castle, we went inside the small museum and gift store. 

 I was in awe of the castle once I saw the full view. 


We went inside the castle, but they didn’t allow us to roam the entire castle. We only saw a small portion of it, so I took as many pictures as I could. Side note: While we were in the castle, there was a group of people having a good old time. My Love elbowed me and pointed out one of the men in the group. He is the President of the German Parliament (very interesting). 

In one room, there were two stained glass windows of writers. One is Uhland and the other Schiller. I also took a picture of their writings. The street we live on is named after Schiller—Schiller Strasse.

In the art room, there was a book where guests could sign their name. I wrote a little about my book, Net Switch, and left a bookmark. 

Here are a few pictures I took from the castle looking into the valley.

We had a small lunch in the restaurant on the left. The building on the right was built in 1661. 

Finally we arrived at the dragon’s cave. 

This lead to the reptile exhibit.

Again, we went on the cog railway up to the Drachenfels Mountain where the old castle remains are.

After we took our pictures on this gloomy day, we went back down the mountain into town where I took a few more pictures.

We passed one storefront and they had this cute Christmas display for sale. I loved it.

Hope your fingers didn’t get cramped at the keyboard.

Castles and dragons,


  1. I'm still laughing at the pissoir. Knowing you, I'm sure there was no way anyone could talk you out of taking that picture. :D

    Beautiful pics.

  2. :D NO WAY! I even stood in front of it saying Pissoir with a rolled 'r' at the end. People looked at me funny.

  3. Hi Denise,
    Just wanted to stop by to tell you how very much I appreciate you continuing to share the pictures and the narratives of your travels. I enjoy seeing and reading them, as they are about places I would otherwise not get to visit.

    Take care,

  4. Great pictures. You make we want to travel and have adventures.

  5. Veejay, Nice to hear from you again. I'm glad you are enjoying my little narratives from my travels. I was wondering if anyone was listening. :)

    Do Over Diva, Glad you like them. Take care.

  6. *struggles with ongoing jealousy—but continues to tuck away money and save up for a trip to Europe someday*

    Love the pictures! Wow, that castle is striking! LOL about the pissoir. My daughter just went to a musical called Urinetown and I laughed like a little kid about that, too!

    And you KNOW I love that last display! It captures all the comfy cozy feelings I have about winter. :)

  7. These are so awesome. I have to show my daughter the dragon for sure. You have made up my mind when we finally get to travel. Germany it is!

  8. Barb, What kind of musical is Urinetown? LOL! Now that's something I gotta see.

    June, I'm sure your daughter can draw a better dragon than the picture. Germany awaits your arrival.