Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Time closes on another year
To collect events for history,
Entwining one’s personal fear
Amongst generations’ mystery.
Will this year’s days be fulfilled
With what we focus upon?
Or will so many more be killed,
Repeat faults of Miss Saigon?

U.S. Election made headline news,
First African American succeeded.
Automaker’s appeal not refused
Despite change is what we all needed.
Harrowing fight until his death
A father’s advice to his children.
Waited and read 'til he took his last breath
How we’ll always remember his sermon.

Gas prices rise beyond understanding
Foreclosures steal media attention.
Society sick then starts demanding
While we watch our dwindling pension.
Let’s shut the door on broken promises
Don’t look back, but to the future.
Work until hands are full of calluses
Hugs and kisses, priceless sutures.

May 2009 bring you health and happiness. Cheers to your dreams!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Traits and Resolutions

Now that Christmas is over we look forward to 2008 coming to a close and beginning a fresh new year. Since I’m an over thinker, 2009 has me thinking about character traits I should attempt to change and setting resolutions. To me, it’s important to realize your character strengths and weaknesses whether it’s what you hear from others or what you’ve learned on your own and try and change to become a better person. Realistic resolutions are also important for me, so I know I have a goal something to strive for each year. I chose the inspirational poster for ‘Perseverance’ because it's the one word that has helped me achieve past goals.

I’m going to reveal some of the soul searching I’ve done and resolutions I plan to set. Based on what I’ve heard through the years, here are a few words that family, friends, and others used to describe me. Strengths: generous and funny. Weaknesses: introvert and intimidating.

How will I change my weaknesses? I will make an attempt to go out more and visit family and friends. As for intimidating, no one has really been able to explain what I do that’s intimidating, so it’s difficult for me to work on this one when I don’t see it and can’t find guidance.

Realistic Resolutions:

1) I WILL lose the weight I put on after I quit smoking. This is really something that’s been bothering me, and a week or two into the New Years will make me a 9-month non-smoker. Enough!
2) I’m happy being single, but it seems those around me or those I talk to are bothered by the single status and don’t believe someone can be single and happy. In an attempt to make them happy for one last time, IF I am asked out on dates this year, I’ll go on them.

Anyone else want to step forward and declare a resolution?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Childhood Memories

After talking with a friend tonight, I started to think about my childhood memories and something my mom had us do. When we were real young, on Christmas Eve we prayed in front of the manger before going to bed. Yes that’s us in the picture, my brother, sister and the youngest is me. The manger would be setup except baby Jesus wouldn’t be in the crib. Every year, one of us got to put baby Jesus in his crib on Christmas morning, and I remember how excited I was to be able to tuck him in tight. It’s amazing what an impact a small childhood memory has on me as an adult, and sometimes, how I wish I was that little girl again praying in front of the manger with my brother and sister hoping God will give me all the presents I asked for.

Another memory is opening our socks on Christmas day. We might have had several toys, but taking the things out of my Christmas sock was my favorite. Even now, I still enjoy the little things that are buried in my Christmas sock, so when I get an early gift or cards I put them in my sock for Christmas morning.

If you happen to stop on by, please leave us with one of your childhood memories. Merry Christmas and God Bless all of you. A special prayer goes out to the armed forces, who are away from their families.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life

Last night, I went to see It’s a Wonderful Life with my mother, aunt, sister and a friend of my mother’s at a movie theatre. This is one of my top three favorite movies of all time so on top of getting the opportunity to see it on a big screen in black and white ‘Zuzu’ was there signing items and taking pictures. Her real name is Karolyn Grimes and you can read more about her at Karolyn Grimes ~ Zuzu Today. She talked about the movie and Jimmy Stewart and about the subliminal messages Frank Capra put in such as when George begs God to let him live again. As soon as George says God it starts to snow and his lip starts bleeding again.

The movie theatre looks like Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and you can walk up and down the hall looking at photos of icons long gone. I’m a sucker for old movies call me a closet romantic, so it’s no surprise I find one of the scenes in this movie, the one where my picture comes from as being one of the most romantic scenes in movie history. When George and Mary are on the phone talking to Sam you can feel the emotional tension the way they look and then George drops the phone and says, “Now you listen to me. I don't want any plastics and I don't want any ground floors. And I don't want to get married *ever* to anyone! You understand that? I want to do what I want to do.” In the end, Mary makes up for all the things he wanted to pursue in life.

If you ever get the opportunity to see it in black and white on a big screen, I’d suggest you do so. It’s different and for the hundredth time made me cry but in a good way.

Merry Christmas to all of you and remember, "Each [wo/man's] life touches so many other lives. When [s/he] isn't around [s/he] leaves an awful hole, doesn't [s/he]?"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Drama

Ah, the holidays and with holidays brings drama. I’m one who dislikes drama when it peaks its ugly head I’m out of there. It’s a waste of energy and only makes others assume you don’t’ have much of a life when you need to create something that isn’t there. I’m a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of woman and I tell it like I see it sometimes forgetting to sugar coat it. Up until this point, my holidays were gliding nicely since my immediate family and I already had things laid out and decided on starting new traditions. So, instead of getting upset, I’m going to write down a few things that I’m thankful for and if you feel inclined to join in, please post a comment with your things and I’ll add them to the list.

I am thankful for…

… a great brother and sister.
... my mother

… my niece and nephews.

… having a job.

… money to buy and do the things I love.

… having great friends.

… drinking coffee in my warm condo while watching the snow fall.

… being healthy.

... sharing what I can with others.
... I'm thankful for the snow, too, that will be falling today. 8-12 inches, which will make for a nice White Christmas. As Bing would sing, "What is Christmas, with no snow?"
... I'm so thankful too for my family, with whom I'm spending the holiday in a peaceful, quiet setting!
... Thanks to Jet Blue and the TV idea. Brilliant. I will fly them forever.

... I'm too am thankful for friends, family and health. As well, the electric co. for getting my heat turned back on so quickly after it went out today. :crosses fingers: and especially for friends who know the value of Dr. Brandt and keeping their friends supplied with such.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Mirrors have many faces

Actors in front of the lens

Quick flash embraces
While talking with friends

Peek before bowing down

A come-hither gaze

Turn in a white gown

Ignoring obvious clich├ęs

Parentheses hold a smile

Or sagging of the skin

It doesn’t matter the style

Only why or where you’ve been

Let the best shine for all to see

Looking at your reflection

Remember it will be a decree
So keep that beautiful expression