Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig

It’s time I stop by my blog to let you all know that so far, during my relaxing summer, I’ve had the opportunity to read Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig. Summer on Fire is a young adult (YA) novel, which isn’t my usual reading genre, but I know Kevin from a writing forum and wanted to expand my reading horizons.

This book is about three friends, Jeff Barsell, Arnie Wilson and Zach Carson (the narrator), who are about to embark on the freedoms of summer only to be involved in a horrific fire. As the chain of events unfold, each friend battles their personal challenges along with the loyalties of friendship. In the end, Jeff, Arnie and Zach learn some valuable lessons about people and the lengths they’ll go to for community and friendship.

I enjoyed this book. From the first page, I was engrossed in the story by Kevin’s gift of bringing vivid actions of the story and characters to life. As the three friends scramble to get out of the burning barn, I felt myself praying for their safety. “Fire formed a hot umbrella of flames above us, swallowing the place…The roof beams, resembling the ribcage of a mammoth beast, were now engulfed.” I grew a love or hate relationship with each character and sympathized with some of their debilitating weaknesses.

I highly recommend Summer on Fire by Kevin Craig. It’s a coming of age book that reminds us again about  the importance of friendship and loyalty.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hello, my Friends,

As you can see, I haven’t been blogging much due to other pressing matters. I wanted to stop in to let you know that I will be taking time off from my blog for the rest of the summer. This crazy little thing called love will get all my attention—Mein Liebster (my love) will be home in ten days.  

When I do publish my poetry e-book, I will post it on my blog and Facebook to let you all know. I thought I’d have it out on Kindle and Nook by July, but I’m waiting for copyright. My novel is still on for November 2011, and I will post more about it as we get closer to publication.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer. ♥♥


Monday, July 4, 2011


It was our country’s separation from Great Britain,
which brought fame to the Declaration document,
courageous free people proposed our own government
and spirited men sat down until it was written.

Forefathers established a land of independence
to prosper, away from religious persecution.
We needed brave souls to sign such a solution
maybe resulting in death, but worth transcendence.

Thirteen states declared their God given rights
Admit, “All men are created equal… by their Creator”.
Even they believed in a higher being much greater
than humans’ ongoing faults of lost lives through fights.

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to secure
allow “it is the right of the people to alter or abolish”
“Change for light and transient causes” will demolish
what these great men risked to challenge and endure.

Then King of Britain caused our great nation’s missions.
Failures for the good of the people, they listed his malice.
“Refused… to cause others to be elected;” sitting in palace
“Prevent the population of… states… raising the conditions”

”Warned them… of attempts… [no] jurisdiction over us”
As a result, our men found the King unfit to rule free lands.
Time to rule for the people, they declared their demands
for us to become as one and reach the goal of success.

“Representatives of the United States of America” swear
absolve “free and independent states” from the British Crown.
We seek our own judicial system covered by majority’s gown
“[p]ledge… our lives, our fortunes and… sacred honor” in prayer.

233-years later, we find ourselves another road of challenge
deviating from the mass to suffice a few needless complaints.
Some cry over stolen freedom while others deny all saints.
Still hope in bringing our Declaration back, we vote for change.

Now we plea to “provide new guards for [our] future security”
Find what had once been established in writing for what remains.
Snap ties that bring our forces down with negative campaigns
Relinquish what once we relied on to wash away impurity.

Let our minds speak again for the Freedom of our Population
“Whenever any form of government becomes destructive”
“Institute new… foundation on such principles” stay productive.
Come together again, united, to enjoy today’s celebration.