Thursday, August 30, 2012

Featured Author – Marylou Depeiza

As wonderful as make-believe is, true-life experiences are priceless. The next featured author, Marylou Depeiza, has a non-fiction book titled Walking In Her Shoes.

Marylou is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Boston State College and received her BA in Psychology. Mrs. Depeiza and her husband have three sons. She is currently working on her second book.

Walking in Her Shoes Synopsis

Leola Williams was a strong-willed, independent woman who only wanted to provide for her children. Growing up in Boston with her parents and seven siblings, she had a good life and never wanted for anything. At least that's what she told her six children. But Leola kept a secret, and a code of silence that reigned supreme throughout the family held that secret close. Following Leola's death, her youngest daughter embarks on a journey through her mother's past---a journey that takes her back more than sixty years to the discovery that Leola's life took a dramatic turn when she married handsome WWII soldier, James Williams. Determined to break the code of silence, she uncovers the truth of her mother's compelling and shocking past.

How Marylou came to write Walking In Her Shoes

After her mother's death, there were some questions about her mother's past. No one in the family was talking and those who knew were dead. So Marylou started researching death and marriage certificates, court records, and finally, personnel files. All this information transformed into her her book.

Why Self-Publish?

After searching diligently for a publisher, Marylou came upon Authorhouse. They were one of the most reasonable, and very good.

You can purchase copies at Authorhouse, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles.

Marylou’s website is

I want to thank Marylou for searching into her history, which ultimately produced a book. I’ve always been fascinated by my family history. Thank you, Marylou for being a part of Paying it Forward. Spread the word about Walking In Her Shoes -

Ancestry and Code of Silence,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

There’s No Place Like Home

I’ve been displaced for some time now, moving from one place to another, until now. My move to Germany went as smooth as possible. We had a day and evening layover in London before making it here.

In the past, we would be booking flights to travel to different places in Europe, but we had to put that on hold. Too many things to get done, such as getting the flat in order and signing up for German classes, which I already did. I’m excited about my German classes. It’s definitely a necessity living here. I can’t very well walk around saying, “Ich bin aus USA und ich lerne Deutsch aber nich gute.” (I am from the USA and I learn German but not good).

Our flat is coming along great. We have one junk room, like most homes, where we just threw everything in to deal with later. We’ve been planting, painting, hanging curtains, shopping for items for the flat, and cooking in between. My love and I love to cook, BUT we are also trying to lose weight, so we’re basically staying home and making our own meals.

This is a dish my Love made when we first arrived. It’s Quinoa with Sausage and Peppers. We have parsley, basil and chive plants, which you’ll see parsley sprinkled on top with some gouda cheese. This dish is fantastic. I think I’ll keep him for this meal alone. *smiles*

I make most of the meals, but once in a while he likes to pop into the kitchen, mess it up, and present scrumptious things. Last week, my Love made two walnut zucchini breads. I only had a few slices spread out over a few days and it was wonderful.

My Love likes the egg and muffins I make that are much better than McDonald’s. So again, he made these sausage patties and we froze them for when we have these for breakfast. Below are the Turkey Sage Sausage Patties he made--another fantastic recipe, and much healthier than McDonald’s. 

As of now, we’re coming along in our new home—making it our own and warming our bellies in between. Hope this finds everyone well.

Home and Cooking,

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Featured Christian Author – Rebekah Lyn

Our first Christian Fiction author, Rebekah Lyn, has stopped on by to share with us her published novels and works in progress, along with another enjoyment of hers—cooking and baking. She shares recipes on her blog,, so stop on by to see what’s cooking. 

Rebekah is a Christian with a heart for new beginnings. She is a Florida native and a graduate of Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Fl. A love of history, research and journaling naturally led to a passion for writing. She enjoys traveling and has traveled extensively across the United States and Canada, as well as Europe and the Caribbean. Her reading tastes run from the classics to light fiction. Rebekah currently resides in Florida along with her "attack" cat, Mia.

Her current works include, Summer Storms, the first book in The Seasons of Faith series, and Julianne, the first book in The Coastal Chronicle series. She is currently working on Winter's End, the much-awaited sequel to Summer Storms.

Julianne Synopsis

Julianne is a story about a young woman’s struggle to find inner peace and spirituality. Julianne Finnegan has experienced relationship issues, career confusion, and is overshadowed by a successful sibling. Dissatisfaction is evident in every facet of her life.

She meets Oliver, a handsome young actor who struggles with demons of his own. Through her encounter with Oliver, Julianne begins to learn about faith in herself and in others, although she is faced with some difficult choices when a former love appears. Julianne is an exploration of the guidance we may seek in establishing relationships with others and a higher power.

What made you write Julianne?

Rebekah started writing Julianne out of frustration with her day job, and then she put it in a drawer for almost 10 years. A lot of Julianne's frustrations were based on her own career challenges, and it was cathartic to write about her out of that circumstance. When she started writing it, Rebekah didn’t know she was going to end up writing a story with a Christian message. When she was about halfway through, God showed her this and it was her strength and her opportunity to show the love and acceptance available through a relationship with Christ. 


She started out planning to go the traditional publishing route with her first novel, Summer Storms, but it was taking a long time to reach agents, wait for them to get back to her, and then start all over again. Rebekah really felt that Summer Storms was a story that needed to be told and decided to take the plunge into self-publishing.   

Links to where the book can be purchased:

Author Links:

Thanks, Rebekah for letting us learn about you and your writings. I appreciate your participation in Pay It Forward. Now shout out, Rebekah Lyn, to the world by passing along this link -

Faith and Baking,