Friday, September 25, 2009

What happened to Common Courtesy and Respect?

I use public transportation when commuting to work, which really opens my eyes to common courtesy and respect. Schools are back in session and several teenagers take the train into the city for classes, and their behavior along with the adults is shocking. The teenagers sit in groups talking extremely loud, swearing and acting obnoxious while the adults give looks but don’t say anything. I told one girl to keep it down and she ignored what I said continuing her loud conversation. Another time, I got up and stood in the vestibule because I did not want to have to tell another person to turn down the volume on their iPod.

What happened to common courtesy? What happened to respect? The adults keeping quiet about the teenagers’ behavior only makes the issue infuriate me. Has our society gone to such an extent that we stopped instilling respect in our children? When did adults start fearing children? They just sit on the train looking annoyed at one another, at the offenders, yet nothing comes out of their mouth. I remember what it means to be a teenager, I’m not that old, but I didn’t ignore an adult who just spoke to me whether praising or reprimanding. In my generation, children were to be seen not heard. Now it seems adults are to be seen not heard. Are the dying days of common courtesy and respect approaching?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?!!!

Sunday Football is back in town

Support and cheer for a touchdown

Chips and beer are all you need

In hopes our team has the speed

To take on their opposing team

And win our city’s Super Bowl dream

We may not have the guys from the Super Bowl Shuffle, but Da Bears will always be dear to my heart.