Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Fitness Sensation!

After a year and four months of non-smoking along with many extra pounds, I decided to sign up for an after work dance class. In my younger years, I took three years of ballet, two years of jazz and one year of modern dance, and always enjoyed dancing. Well, ballet was a little too structured for me, but it taught me discipline. LOL! Who am I kidding?! I wouldn’t have the extra poundage if I had discipline.

In my quest for the perfect day and time for a dance class, I came across a few listed pole dancing classes. Before you gasp and utter words of disgrace, I must say that pole dancing gets a bad rap by people who haven't tried it. Pole dancing is a combination of dancing and gymnastics performed around a vertical pole. It strengthens and increases flexibility. *wink* It’s become a popular form of fitness, changing the name to “pole fitness,” and many women have purchased their own poles for their homes. You can even find some forms of pole dancing in Cirque du Soleil.

After reading about pole dancing, I decided to sign up for a class starting in September. Okay, stop laughing… I can still hear you laughing. With this extra activity and good eating, I hope to reduce the pounds and strengthen my muscles along with the possibility of finding out I have a little bit of sensuality.

Have a great week!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Wishes!

This sunny day has beckoned me to rise,

to seize the possibilities of life.

Head tilted back with a prayer to the skies

advance in writing like engraving knife.

Check off the goals of those finished by pen

Heart pumps joy, hoping a means to an end.

Stony path towards splendid future, times ten

genre, outlets to choose, a writer’s blend.

Have the birds’ soar singing my favorite song

of one who thrives by following their love.

Embrace passions that remain true and strong,

Where ease and success fits you like a glove.

Let Sunday come to request your wishes

Pursue through the week like swimming fishes.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One-Year Celebration, So Hang On!!!!

It’s been a year since I created my blog, and I never turned back or thought twice about it after I began this journey.

I read my first blog post The Beginning of Blogging and smiled at my uncertainty of where my blog would go and if I would find a few readers. Below are things I noted in my first post, Saturday, August 16, 2008, of what I wanted out of my blog.

1) To be a part of my history

2) To connect with the world

3) Improve my writing skills

4) Find and keep an audience

After I read these items, I smiled knowing I achieved all of the above. My blog has become a part of my history, skipping stone memories of what I’ve done, where I’ve been and what is happening in the world. Within a year, I started writing and posting my poetry; promoted some friends’ books; remembered important days in our history; wrote book recommendations; traveled from Michigan, Connecticut to Germany; celebrated birthdays; posted some of my writings; entered a few contests; created a Twitter account and voted for our first African-American President (not all in that order). WHOAH! It’s pretty good for an aspiring writer to accomplish the first two points.

Then I looked at my writing, on my blog, the writing forum and Helium to see how my writing has progressed, and in my opinion, it isn’t bad. *checks off third item* I also found an audience. It might be a small one, and some might have come and gone. For those who continue reading my words, I just want to say, “Thank you for sticking with me. I’m indebted to you.”

Here’s the exciting part. To celebrate my 1-year of blog life, I’m going to give out Amazon Gift Cards through email for the first ten people who follow the below instructions. You DO NOT, I repeat, YOU DO NOT need to provide your name. I respect anonymity. If I do not get ten people to participate, then the gift card total amount will be divided up for those who do participate.

Send me an email through my profile answering the below:

1) What things (good or bad) have changed for you this year (List and explain)?

2) What things have you achieved this year (List and explain)?

3) Did you go on any vacations (List and explain)?

4) ***Most Important One* Has my blog entertained you, uplifted you, or inspired you to do something you have always wanted to do (Explain)?

5) Post a comment on this post or any past post you haven’t posted on stating it inspired you, made you laugh, cry, or feel good and explain why.

Please email me with any questions!

The deadline to respond is on Friday, August 21 at 5:00 PM. I can’t wait to hear from you!!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jakie's Interview!

For anonymity sake, I’ve decided not to ask some questions and allow Jakie to choose to answer those he felt comfortable answering.

We took a stroll down this bridge while I interviewed him. Just kidding. It was a virtual stroll, but a girl can dream.
Before starting the interview I just want to welcome Jakie and thank him for participating in the interview.

Bea: Hello, Jakie. Welcome to my blog. Could you tell us how you heard about my blog?

Jakie: Hello, Bea. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of this interview. I was told about your blog by a young, aspiring writer from Chicago. She told me it was new and quite interesting, so I checked and got hooked.

Bea: Well thank that young, aspiring writer from Chicago for me. I appreciate her sending a reader my way.

Bea: Do you have a favorite genre?
Jakie: *blushes* um.... that's SciFi to be totally honest. But NOT the crappy stuff, I swear! When I read I very often do it because I want to be entertained, and SciFi takes me to distant worlds and times with problems that are so distant that they don't really concern me ;)
Bea: Some of my writer friends write SciFi, so I'll refer some books to you. :D
Jakie: That would be nice, Bea. I'd really appreciate that.

Bea: Is there a particular poem I've posted on my blog that you really liked?

Jakie: The poem we wrote together: 'Distant Exploration'
Bea: That was fun to write and it was my first collaboration poem.
Jakie: It was first my poem ever. And when I said I was faced with a challenge each time your sent me your new additions I really meant it.

Bea: What is your favorite color?
Jakie: Blue
Bea: I think that's the favored color amongst most men.
Jakie: I kind of had that impression too, now that you mention it ;)

Bea: You're one of my shy blog readers in the sense that you don't post much. Are you shy in real life?
Jakie: Yes, kind of. I don't post many comments on your blog because I very often think too long about what to post, and by the time I've made up my mind you've already made another entry....
Bea: LOL! I know how that is but I love hearing from my blog readers whether it's on a recent post or an older one. To me, all my posts are important just like my blog readers. ;)

Jakie: um... I was afraid you might say that, Bea. And really, there is no excuse. I promise I'll do better, especially now after winning your quiz. *blushes*
Bea: Aw, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just wanted you to know that old or new, I'd love to hear from all my blog readers if you have the time.
Jakie: I know that, and that is why I do feel guilty. You write so much for us, spend so much time on what you post, and I do enjoy dropping by to read what you have to say. Your poetry always produces a smile on my face or makes me think. In that sense you do deserve appreciation and a simple way to show it and to thank you is by commenting on it.

Bea: You're very kind. Thank you.
Jakie: You're very welcome.

Bea: Is there a movie you’d watch over and over again?

Jakie: No, not really, but I do love to watch old movies with James Stewart no matter how often I’ve already seen them.
Bea: One of my favorite movies is "It's a Wonderful Life," so I can understand you liking Jimmy Stewart.

: What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?
Jakie: The eyes! They tell so much about a person's character, and I'd like to make sure I don't get hit before I approach her ;)
Bea: I do too! They are the portals to the soul.

: Describe your perfect date?
Jakie: *eyes get dreamy* The perfect date starts with a long and memorable dinner in the late afternoon of a warm summer's day, followed by a short walk through the park, then some cuddling on a blanket under the trees. To round it up, some fireworks would be nice after dark.
: I have to admit that sounds like a nice romantic date.
Jakie: And it's not really exhausting, so you should still have some energy left when you get home ;)

: You’ve been one of my long time blog readers. Could you explain or describe what you like about my blog that keeps you coming back?
Jakie: That’s simple. I like the quality, the variety and the honesty of your posts.
Bea: *smiles* I knew I liked you. I'm going to have to celebrate with that response.
Jakie: Hey! Please don't stop blogging now only because you've achieved what you wanted to!

Bea: What did you want to be when you grew up?
Jakie: I wanted to be a photographer. I went everywhere with my camera, driving everybody nuts. I even had a dark room in the basement of my parent’s house where I developed the films and pictures myself.
Bea: WOW! You are talented. I wouldn't know where to begin to develop my own film.
Jakie: LOL! Especially in the dark that can be kind of tricky.

Bea: What is your favorite word?
Jakie: hmmm….I could declare one now and pretend I have one, or just admit that I don’t have any quality relationship with any word.
Bea: Sometimes the love of many things makes picking one difficult.
Jakie: Yeah, like ice cream flavors....

Bea: What is your zodiac sign?
Jakie: I’m a Libra

Bea: Do you look younger or older than your age?
Jakie: Some people say I do look younger, but none of them have seen me early in the morning.
Bea: Yes the joys of looking like a 'cereal breath.' I mean, I'm talking about me, not you. :)

Bea: Are you a morning or night person?
Jakie: I am an involuntary early morning riser, but I am definitely a night person.

Bea: What is the best compliment you’ve received?
Jakie: hmm…that somebody has taken me on as a role model and is trying to be more like me. Although….I find that idea kind of frightening ;)
Bea: That is a great compliment! I don't think anyone has ever wanted to be more like me. Then again, this world doesn't need two of me.
Jakie: That's exactly what I thought...not about you though ;)

Bea: Tell us about your ideal vacation.
Jakie: my ideal vacation would never end ….
Bea: Oh yes, that's why I play the Mega Millions weekly.
Jakie: You do

Bea: Could you please explain an important life lesson you learned?
Jakie: Don’t spoil the joy you can have today by moaning about things you do not have. I learned that when someone, who is very dear to me, fought for her life over weeks in intensive care.
Bea: I'm sorry to hear that and hope she won the battle.
Jakie: It was a close call, but she was very strong and brave and she made it.

Bea: What couldn’t you live without and why?
Jakie: I couldn’t live without reading. I love reading and on days I can’t find the time to do so I miss it.
Bea: I'm with you about reading, but there are some extended periods where I have a hard time getting into the reading mode.
Jakie: Usually I read every day, at least for half an hour. Of course there are exceptions, which sometimes have a tendency to become the rule. But I usually have no problem getting back into the habit when I find the time.

Bea: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Jakie:I guess it would have to be James Stewart, to chat with him about some of his movies.

Bea: Is there anything you regret in your life and if so, why?

Jakie: Over the course of the years I accumulated a lot of things that I regret. I will publish the list separately…..hmmm seriously, yes, of course there are, but even the things I regret shaped me to be the person I am now, and I’m not really discontent with who I am, so it’s probably no good to think about those too much. I just try to make sure I don’t repeat doing things I already regretted once.
Bea: Sound advice.

Bea: If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be and why?
Jakie: Same answer as above, for the same reason ;)

Bea: Who is your favorite writer?
Jakie: Bea Sempere of course, but as long as she’s not published I also love books by Peter F. Hamilton.
Bea: *blushes* I'm under pressure now. My next novel better be SciFi.
Jakie: LOL! Naw, write what you feel comfortable with, like you always do. That's when you are at your peak!

Again, I want to thank Jakie for his time and participation. Hope you all enjoyed the interview. Have a great weekend!