Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is Twittering a new verb?

I realize it’s the new craze to join Twitter (software – noun) and Tweet (posting – verb), but what is Twittering. When –ing is added to the end of verbs they become present participles (University Writing Center). The answer to my question is technically no, twittering would be a present participle as a progressive verb. This is the end of my English lesson today please leave a few coins on the way out.

Actually, the reason I brought this up is I was browsing some top blogs for writers and many suggest you follow them on Twitter. If you look on the right side of my blog under Favorite Sites, you’ll see that I did join Twitter, although the excitement hasn’t caught on for me. I joined to give my blog more exposure and to follow some celebrities, but honestly I’m just not interested in reading insignificant flashes of someone’s life or maybe I don’t understand it. I work in the age of technology, which is my profession and the reason regarding my impatience with online reading. After being on a computer all day, and going home to write (on my computer) the thought of reading small insignificant snippets isn’t appealing. I enjoy reading a blog or an article, however I’d rather print the article and read on the train.

So where do these new fads leave someone like me? Will I miss out on something spectacular for not having a Facebook or MySpace account, and slacking on my tweets? Will these technological forms of communication completely wipe out written letters and phone calls? Do you think they’ll become law like Digital Cable?

What about you? Do you have a Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace account, and if so, how do you utilize them?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Super Secret Writing Prompts!

How can I concentrate on writing and work when I’m leaving for vacation next week? I’ve been counting down the work days until I leave for vacation and in doing so my muse ran away. *everyone sighs* For many months, I had a hard time getting back to reading and now that I’m back to reading I’m having a hard time writing. This is the only juggling act I know how to do. To help me along, or maybe one of you who stumbles into my blog, I’ve decided to do weekly prompts. Anyone can take one of these prompts and write a sentence, poem, paragraph, flash fiction, short story, etc., and well, you get what I mean. If you are so inclined to do so, please post what you wrote in the comments area. Some of you may not know, but you can post anonymously if you’d like and no one will be the wiser. *winks* To avoid anymore delay, here are the prompts, which I decided to keep with a "secrets" theme.

  1. Write something to your secret admirer.

  2. My dirty little secret is…

  3. Your secret powers are…

  4. What’s the secret to success?
Write Away!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memoriam. Thank You for our Freedom.

We look upon you,

after bittersweet exits,

for this day has come

to hear us shout,

“It’s time we express,

don’t forget our merits,

lives or memoriam,

we ask, remain devout.

“Our bodies are gone,
we hope not forgotten.

We’ve left a legacy

to use for future plans.

Grief lingers, a new dawn,

read what we’ve written

value our tenacity,

and the historians.

“War left us broken

some beyond repair,

others decay in the earth;

emotions locked away

left horrors unspoken

push farther into despair

while trying to find worth

as we struggled to stay.

“These were sacrifices,

for family and freedom

we hope you’ll remember

many years from now.

To some, too great a price,

misused humanity’s wisdom,

but we’re of high caliber,

today’s tribute, everyday’s vow.”