Monday, March 24, 2014

Not in a Tizzy, but Dizzy Busy!

I have lots of things to share with you, so bear with me. Since I’m one of many self-published authors, and I’ve learned many things along the way, I decided to create my own imprint with the hope of bringing on others. My imprint is called Baer Books Press. Below is the home page.

I’m very excited about the imprint because it brings me a step closer to connecting with other authors. Baer Books Press isn’t just about putting our name on books. It’s a place to help one another, and offer services to inexperience writers, or writers who would like to become a small family of published authors. There are plenty of publishing companies out there willing to help, but the difference between us and others is we’re not looking to claim the works of other authors. We want our authors to have faith in us and their writing, and to know they can count on all the published authors of Baer Books Press for support. Time will only tell if Baer Books Press is a success or failure, but I can’t do either unless I try. If you get a chance, please stop on by Baer Books Press

The next thing I did was republish my books under my imprint. I had no idea how much time I would need to put into reformatting the paperback, redoing the cover, recreating the eBooks, and then making sure I have the appropriate link changes on the website, along with other places.

A Second Edition of Sipping a Mix of Verse is now available. This edition has an introduction to Net Switch at the end.

Here is what some have said about Sipping a Mix of Verse.

"Denise Baer offers the reader a delicious bitter sweet offering of poetry bonbons." by John David Lionel Brooke

"Poetry fan or not, you will enjoy this great treasure!!” by June E. Kramin

A Second Paperback Edition of Net Switch is now available. This edition has an introduction to Fogged Up Fairy Tale at the end. Also, the Second Edition of the eBook has a lower price of $4.99. There are a few glitches on Amazon regarding this edition and I'm hoping it will be rectified soon.

Here is what some have said about Net Switch.

"This book made me blush, hold my breathe, gasp out loud and kept me guessing to the very end. I highly recommend this book and advise you to hang on to your seat because you are in for one crazy ride!" by Hometown Reader

"The deceptively simple ways Denise twisted things was truly brilliant. Denise Baer has unleashed a truly scary book here, yet you'll find no ghosts or goblins." by Lynxie

This is a rather well written novel that will keep you guessing right to the end. It is rare for a book to catch me by surprise and this one managed to do so. A must read!” E. Fontenelle

Another thing I did was fix up my author website - Author Denise Baer. Und Ich bin immer noch Deutsch lernen.

Oh! One more thing. Be on the lookout for Fogged Up Fairy Tale scheduled for publication in Summer 2014.

Thrilled to Build and Fulfilled,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What’s happened to me?

Some people spend money on electronics, fast food, clothes, or shoes, but I spend my money on books. I love to have my own books, to flip through the pages, mark phrases I love, and then put a bookplate on the front for my top favorites. Before meeting my husband, I used to spend my Fridays browsing around Borders, looking at book covers, reading synopses along with the first few pages. Three hours later, I’d leave with a handful of books in my arms.

Nowadays, I buy my books through Amazon. I read the synopsis, a few 5, 3 and 1-star reviews, and decide whether or not to put it on my wish list. My wish list helps me keep track of what books I plan on buying in the future. But recently, I’ve been feeling angry by what’s being published, and a bit cheated. The past few years has left me disappointed in many of the books I’ve bought. Of course, this is only how I feel. The masses seem to love the books I wanted to throw across the room.

So what’s happened to me? Ever since I’ve started writing, learning the craft, reading, reading, and more reading to learn the craft, I see that the quality of books is diminishing. I don’t understand what’s being considered great writing by big publishing companies. Which made me ask myself, “Is it really the writing or the story the publishers are selling?” I’m a firm believer that a great story trumps great writing, although I don’t think this was the case years ago.

Sure, there are people out there who get aggravated with misspellings, poor grammar, and lack of character and plot development… but not enough. It’s the story they’re after. And maybe I was the same way before I started writing. In all honesty, I can’t remember if I felt connected to a character, or noticed the plot was too predictable or pooped out in the middle. I either liked the book or I didn’t. However, after years of reading, my taste in writing style and voice did change. 

So recently, my husband told me that I’ve been unhappy with recent publications, and that maybe I should return to a book I read years ago. He thought it would help me figure out if my writing has tainted my reading enjoyment, or if I see a difference in the quality of some popular books. The reason I say popular books is, to some extent, the popularity of the book is what made me buy it.

I took his advice, and picked up one of my favorite modern books that I read in 2005, The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. You know what? From the first sentence, “I still remember the day my father took me to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books for the first time”, my mouth watered from the beauty of the words, the emotional attachment to the characters and the richness of the plot. Phrases I underlined like:

“Her voice was pure crystal … so fragile I feared that her words would break if I interrupted them.”

“But what destiny does not do is home visits. You have to go for it.”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect all authors to write this way but these are words that help you picture a character, to understand them, and help you get a feel for the setting. Reading is all about the adventure. To be taken into a different life or world. The book I just finished had zero underlined phrases. It is void of showing. The author tells the entire story. The author tells how the character feels. There is no character or plot development. This can also be applied to the several other books I’ve recently read.

At this point, I can’t help but feel there is a difference in quality regarding some popular books. It’s so different to take an emotional flight and soar with the words as opposed to sauntering and yawning while the author tells the reader how the character feels, or tells the reader about the setting. It’s like the author doesn’t trust the reader enough to create the characters in their own mind, or visualize the setting.  

I’m not telling you I’m a great writer, but what I can tell you is that I work hard to make sure my books are good. That I’m proud of the characters, the plot, and most of all, my writing. This post probably sounds like a complaint from a disgruntled writer. It’s more like a complaint from a disgruntled reader. I miss books that make me feel like I know the characters and that I’m there with them. Books that make me wish I could write like that. I think it’s time I take a break from traditionally published books, and start reading the many self-published / indie books I have on my Kindle for PC.

What do you think as a reader? Has writing tainted your reading enjoyment? Do you think books have remained the same or have you noticed a shift in quality?

Writing and Publishing,
A Disappointed Bea