Friday, October 31, 2008

New Fan!

I finished reading Heroes of Old by Jay L. Young, who I recently met, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the first of a three book series (I just purchased the other two on Heroes of Old isn’t the kind of genre I normally read, but I was interested in its description of “the X-Men meet the Old Testament” found on Jay L. Young’s web site. It’s fascinating reading something I’m unfamiliar with such as the Old Testament, so along with the fictional characters Jay introduces biblical characters as well.

I adore No, who is a young and recently recruited member of the “Faction.” His naiveté is endearing along with his respect for Peleg. Jay drew a unique picture of the characters in the Faction and it was easy visualizing and sympathizing with their struggles. The book weaves old to modern times showing the prophet, Peleg’s and Noah’s journeys.

This is a book for all, not just Christians and I recommend it to anyone looking for an action book with a little Christian history thrown in. You won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Autumn Thoughts

Autumn breeze,
Colored leaves,
Rainy days,
Leave a haze.

Stay within,
Lose your grin,
Stare outside,
Time to hide.

Seasons here,
‘Nuff to cheer,
Turkey cooks,
Read some books.

Santa gives,
Spirit lives,
Good night kiss,
Sleep in bliss.

Start one more,
Sure to score,
Finish goals,
Take new roles.

A new year,
Have a beer,
Live today,
Splendor way.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ghosts, Goblins and Batman

As the shadow of Halloween approaches this little guy, my nephew, awaits trick or treating and took his Batman responsibilities seriously. This year he will be fighting evil as the Red Power Ranger.

Since this is the time of year to scare the kiddies with masks and haunts, I decided to tell a true ghost story of my own. In my early 20s, I sometimes stayed over at my sister’s house on the weekend to watch my niece when she was a baby while my sister and brother-in-law worked. I remember going to sleep in my sister’s bedroom and as I laid there with my eyes closed, I felt as though someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes, the outline of a man with a hat stood in the doorway of her room. My body froze and I’d stare at it until sleep got the best of me. I felt and saw this presence all the time when I stayed over, but I never told my sister knowing she wouldn’t believe it. As my niece got older and my sister stayed home to take care of her and my nephew, the sleepovers weren’t as often. Then one evening, my sister and I were on the phone, and she said she had to tell me something. She told me when she was on maternity leave with my niece alone at night she’d see this figure standing in the doorway of her room. She said it went away when they got their dog. I sat wide mouth listening to her describe the same presence. Several strange things happened in their house, but when they got a dog all the ghostly moments ceased.

So the next time you think you’re being watched by a ghost, turn on all the lights, call a friend, but I advise you not to look out the window.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Poetry Word - Dare

Choose to take a dare
Instead of a truth,
Even though you fear,
It may be uncouth.

This childhood game
Adults like to play,
But isn’t the same,
Unlike children’s way.

Challenges are hard
When comfort is gone,
Emotions on guard,
Try to remain strong.

Yet relish the test
Of not holding back,
Shocked at the request,
Smile, remain intact.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I’m sitting here drinking my coffee and taking in this beautiful day. Recently, I spent time with my niece, and while we were in my car the song by Pink Dear Mr. President came on my iPod.

As I listened to the words I began to cry. My niece never heard it before, but it got her talking about McCain and Obama. There is an internet test you can take where you put in your beliefs and it matches you to the candidate. She told me who she matched up with and what she agrees and disagrees with about the candidates. Listening to her talk about the election made me think about my younger years, and when it came to politics I knew nothing nor did I care. I realize how important this presidency means to all of us and how it has impacted the young and old. This had us discussing many things which enlightened me to the fact that even though our generations are different we still want the same things - guidance and security.

If I learn anything about children, it’s not to underestimate them and communication is very important. I mean really listening to what they say and how they feel about things. As adults, I think we tend to let our troubles muffle the words and feelings of others and we lose out on learning from these small yet important experiences. I’m so blessed to have my family, my niece and nephews, and sometimes when life gets crazy, I stop to realize what wonderful gifts God gave me.

Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dismay over 401K

I’ve avoided looking at my 401K until curiosity got the best of me. Is curiosity one of the deadly sins, because I think I’m being punished? I can’t believe how much I lost, which made me think of all those soon to retirees. My sympathies to all of you.

In every household is dismay,
Our monies gone, and now we pay,
Republican, or Democrat,
Sits in the Senate, getting fat.

Watch the markets rise and fall,
Follow suit, international.
Pray we choose the right President,
He follows through, on what he meant.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Kim Michele Richardson Fan Club

I am very proud and honored to announce, Kim Michele Richardson’s, Kimmi to me, first book The Unbreakable Child coming out April 1, 2009, which I pre-ordered yesterday. I’m so excited about it because I know how much sweat and tears went into this writing. You can read about The Unbreakable Child by clicking on the link. Also, you will find a link to on the right side of my blog to pre-order her book and her blog, Writer in Waiting is under my blog list.

The Unbreakable Child is a memoir describing attempts to break a child's spirit, but she fought her demons and overcame adversities. Through her childhood struggles, the raw emotions and physical pains only strengthened her will to learn. It's a memoir about coming to terms with the past, protecting the present, and turning another light on the future.

I’ve spent time with Kimmi, read her book, and have to say she altered my life. Kimmi gives her heart to everything she does with a quiet strength. Every time we talk, I walk away feeling or wanting to be a little better because of her intelligence, humor, and kindness. I can’t even begin to explain how much I admire her. She is a dear friend, and her beautiful voice shines through in The Unbreakable Child. You don’t want to miss this read. It’s written from the heart with so many in mind that by the end you want to hug Kimmi.

Kimmi, I am so happy for you, and wish you the best in your writing journeys. You have opened my heart to writing, and shared your family with me. I will be forever grateful for our friendship. Thank you, Kimmi, you’ve enriched my life and I will always love you.