Friday, April 11, 2014

Acrostic an Epistle

I didn’t post a poem yesterday, so today is a double whammy. The next few days are hectic, so I dug into my poetry folder to see what I could find. These poems are from last year, but I feel they deserve repeating.

Acrostic poem – The first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase, which is normally the title of the poem. I attempted a double acrostic that also ends each line with that letter.

Wear Tattoo

Whether we’re somebody big or a shadow
Everyone has a right to express their creative side
Anywhere on their body—a picture of Madonna,
Resting near our heart, or words from an ancestor.
The whereabouts of your artistic placement
Adds to its emotional want—your own galleria.
Tobacco grey may be the color of choice, or a light
Teal to fill in parts of a full moonset.
Oblige imagination and make your body a fresco
Or a secret message of graffito.

Epistle – This poem reads like a letter. It can be intimate or formal, and a declaration of love or thoughtful exploration. There is no strict meter or rhyme scheme. I wrote this poem after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Angry Ones

Hey you, dressed all in black!
What are your plans for that backpack?
Mother Nature spread her sunshine,
for us—a blessing—simply divine.
Unaware that dirty plans had begun,
on Marathon day, under the Boston sun.

Another dead man walking toward another’s fate,
never learned to live, only fostered hate.
Please tell me how it feels to carry such despair,
while others prosper from the beauty of prayer.
Will this violent act feed your empty soul?
The rest of your life, falling into a black hole.

This destructive day will last for all time.
Remembrance is for the innocent, not the crime.
The world isn’t blind to the Angry Ones’ disdain. 
We mourn the losses--overcome your infected strain. 

Comical and Grief,

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  1. I had never heard of a double acrostic until the first time you posted that particular form on your blog. Keep the forms coming so I can keep adding to my list!