Thursday, April 3, 2014

PC Blues!

Since I’m a native of Chicago, I thought I'd attempt a Blues Poem. It's a form of American poetry with typical themes of struggle, despair or sex. Although they're often depressing, they also try to overcome their difficulties. I sort of followed the form of The Weary Blues by Langston Hughes. 

This poem is about my struggles with a new laptop. My old laptop’s display periodically goes out, and it’s very slow, so I decided to get a new laptop. LOL! We bought one this week. A bit challenging in another country. The German keyboard is different from the U.S. keyboard because of the accent marks used in the language, the ‘z’ and ‘y’ are swapped, and there are several other differences. Here is today’s attempt at a Blues Poem.

Lost System

Lights out on my temporal muse
Obeying a wide range of cues
      I wanted another to claim.
Flickering nonsense, they heard a moan
Tomorrow will bring a racy clone
      Blacked out for awhile…
      Blacked out for awhile…
Until the new one showed up that day.
Awake, it beckoned to extend its keep
For years of dedication, made me weep.
      Oh laptop!
Setting the new to learn my commands
The keyboard smiled with the wrong hands
      Old laptop!
Keys punched down with odd display
In a new language, foreign tongue betray
      Oh laptop!
Another dialect, and a mind of its own
Await system restore, knowing my day is blown

Tap, Tap, Tap with my native language of keys
The experience on my old muse is such a breeze
A lesson to be learned about the Old Land
Learn the language now, so you can take a stand.

Englisch and Deutsch,


  1. I think we can all relate to having the computer blues at one time or another. My friend's husband bought her a laptop for Christmas as a surprise. It was a floor display model. Of all things, it came with a standard UK keyboard which has extra keys when you would expect to hit the shift key with your left hand or the enter key with your right. It's super annoying :)

    1. It's definitely different when you have to figure out which keys are what on a U.S. typewriter.