Sunday, April 6, 2014

I AM Smokin' Not!

Every year I celebrate this smokeless day. I was a twenty-six year smoker, and today is seven-years of a smoke-free life. It’s amazing how much has happened in those seven years.

1) weight gain
2) quit IT job
3) lived in Germany for 5 months
4) lost condo
5) published books
6) my mother passed away
7) packed up my past and moved to Germany
8) got married
9) mother to a furry, four-legged baby

Yep! Lots has happened.

This poem is a repeat from last year. It’s a simple rhymed poem.

I am Smokin’ Not!

Tobacco surges
through your veins.
It’s time to Commit
let go of the reins.

Such truth be told
throughout  the world,
Blow away your smoke—
gray curled and twirled.

Nicotine plants
a cancer kiss.
Trade in this loss,
for a life to reminisce

Breathing and Living,


  1. Huge 'grats, Bea. I'm closing in on 5 myself.

    1. Thanks much and hugs back. Good for you! That's reason to celebrate at Zingerman's. :)

  2. Congrats on seven smoke free years :)